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older woman smiling

Makeup for mature women

Products and principles to make older skin look great

woman with tattoo on back

Tattooing as body art

A look at tattooing throughout the ages

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woman with hair rollers

Hair curling - a guide

Your hair curling options from bobby pins to hair rollers

The pale beauty of Nicole Kidman

Leave your fake tan behind you!

Why pale is the place to be

Woman on beach with summer hair look

Extend your summer look through winter

Look hot and sexy when it's cold and dark

woman applying skin cream

Acne products - how do they work?

A quick survey of acne treatments

beauty salon reception

Assessing the quality of a beauty salon

Tips for judging your local beauty salon

Be safe in the sun

Our bodies need sunlight - but you have to be careful

Review: Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Extreme

A lip plumper that works without drying out or burning your lips

Hair straightening - a guide to flat irons

Flatten those waves for the look you want

Facial taping for wrinkles

A new beauty trend to fight the signs of age

Moisturizers – what are they made of?

The ingredients of moisturizers and what they do


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Editor's choice

Professional eyebrow shaping: waxing, threading, and electrolysis

Three ways to have beautiful eyebrows

Ethical shopping - fashion with a heart

Where to buy your clothes with a good conscience

Preserving health and beauty in pregnancy

How you can stay looking and feeling good while pregnant

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Five accessories to complement any outfit

Must-have accessories that will never go out of fashion

The principles of homeopathy

An introduction to homepathic principles and practice

Bad hair day FAQ

Hair emergencies - some questions and answers