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Extend your summer look through winter

Look hot and sexy when it's cold and dark

Author: Sara Coppola December 5 2012

Woman on beach with summer hair look

If you miss your summer look, beach hair, and bronze glow, and it's cold and dark outside, you may have to wait another half-year to get that look back naturally. No need to worry though, there are several products out there that will help you fake it, 'til you make it.

Sexy Beach Hair

The easiest way to achieve the beach hair look is by allowing hair to get a bit ´dirty´. Drop washing your hair with shampoo, and wash it with warm water instead. Comb it with your fingers only and use salt water spray to add the final touch, using more at the roots and a bit less at the ends. If you have time, let it dry naturally - if not, use a blow drier with a diffuser. Set the look with dry shampoo at the roots. This year bleached ends are super-sexy, so make sure you keep your original hair color at your roots; use a hair lightener spray and comb the hair lightener in, applying more at the ends. Don't overdo it though, as the spray can be damaging, like any other hair coloring product. It's important to treat your hair with love, moisturizing it with leave-in conditioning sprays and getting the ends trimmed once in a while to avoid split ends.

Healthy Makeup

During the summer months your skin has a natural radiance to it because the sun gives you a bronze glow that makes you look fresh and your eyes shine. There is no need for makeup really, as Mother Nature does all the work for us. To achieve the summer look, blend a bit of highlighter with your day cream to get the moisture your skin craves, and use a highlighter to illuminate your skin on your cheek bones, forehead, and upper eyelid. Use a bit of blush to your cheeks and blend it in for a rosy touch. Define your eyebrows with brow gel and use a tiny bit of mascara, and maybe some eye shadow too, just to highlight your eyes. Avoid using bronzers and powder as this may result in a patchy and dry look.

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Glowing Skin

As with the makeup, the rest of your body needs to be moisturized as well. Keeping your skin moist helps preventing the top layer of your epidermis from peeling off, and you can easily extend your summer tan well into November if you take care of your skin and don't exfoliate it on a regular basis. A self-tanning product is a great alternative when paleness sets in. If you apply a bit of oil with a bronzer that has a shimmer effect, you can amplify your glow.

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