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Better clothes for an instant beauty boost

Some simple tips to look great fast

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky May 12 2011

girl in halter neck top

While I happen to like that women come in all different sizes and shapes, a lot of my sisters in the gender don't feel the same way. Some may already have a diet or exercise regimen in the works, but nothing is likely to work overnight. These things take time, but that doesn't mean you have to wait to look better - you can start beautifying yourself right away by just following a few simple tips.

Tip #1: Play up the Curves

It sounds simple for one reason: it IS simple! Play up the positive and play down the negative. If a woman has curves, she should celebrate them instead of hiding them. This doesn't necessarily mean putting them out there in the wrong light; larger women can still choose beautiful party dresses. After all, they have lovely shoulders to show off too. However, strapless gowns may not be the answer. Instead, women who are a bit larger on top should opt for something with some support. Thin straps, halter tops, or straps that cross in the back can help lift the bust and accent it positively.

Tip #2 - Dump the boxy look

Clothes that don't fit properly, especially those that are too big, actually make a woman look bigger than she is. Women should choose tops and blouses that have shape to them. Selecting a top or dress that ties or a belt that blends beautifully with the outfit can actually give the illusion of weight loss, and will certainly provide a much better overall look. Empire cut garments that fall slightly below the bust can, if designed correctly, call attention to the smallest part of a woman's midsection. However, some women already have a perfect hourglass figure. All they have to do is play up that attribute by looking for shirts and jackets that seem to "nip" in at the waist.

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Tip #3 - Show off those legs

Women with killer legs should always flaunt them. That doesn't necessarily mean choosing super short skirts or dresses cut up to the nether regions; instead, they should choose a skirt or dress length that skims the knee or falls just above it. Longer skirts - calf length or longer - should be reserved for tall women. It will only make shorter women look dumpy and out of place.

Tip #4 - Steer clear of fabrics that are too bulky or thin

Only women who are very tiny overall can afford bulky fabrics like heavy cable knit sweaters, overplayed tweeds, or complex boucles. Such heavy fabrics will make a large woman look heavier. Tissue thin fabrics are another poor choice, as they cling to all of the wrong curves.

Tip #5 - Think About Proportions

Women with shorter torsos should stay away from super short tops that will just make them look shorter. Extra long tunics may extend the upper torso, but they also cut the leg length. Instead of any type of extreme, shorter women should look for a good balance that will lengthen both the torso and the legs.Pants should be straight-legged to give a much narrower overall look.

Women with longer torsos and short legs should seek tops that are shorter in order to give the illusion of more leg length. Taller women should often opt for boot-cut pants that help to balance out the hips. Most large women should stay away from pants that taper in at the hem. That isn't a good look - it makes legs look fat and the torso look bigger.

If prints are chosen for any garment, they should be proportionate to the woman's size. Prints that are too small will actually make a woman look much bigger than she is. Opting for larger prints, reasonably sized geometric designs, and vertical (NOT horizontal!) stripes will provide a better balance.

Good luck with these tips, girls!

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