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Review: Lush Butterfly Ball Ballistic

A fun bath treat for under £2

Author: Suzanne Donahue June 12 2007

Lush Butterfly Ball Ballistic

There's something about the arrival of summer that makes a beauty product buying spree seem like the best idea in the world. Perhaps it's the bare-all nature of the season. People can see (and smell) more of you when shorts and bathing suits emerge from the closet, so naturally you want to put your best skin forward.

But even with warm weather temptations, most people still live on a budget and need to think carefully about each cosmetic dollar spent. That's why I was delighted to discover a new summertime bath product for under 2 pounds that's guaranteed to make those blue skies and sunny days a little bit sweeter. Say hello to Lush's brand new Butterfly Bath Ballistic!

Lush's new Butterfly Bath Ballistic is a 90 gram bright pink ball that smells enticingly like summer blossoms. The formula itself contains a rich blend of jasmine flowers, cornflower petals, larkspur flowers, everlasting flower absolute, ylang ylang oil, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and fabric butterflies. The flowers and ylang ylang oil soothe and hydrate your skin. The sodium bicarbonate and citric acid give the bath ballistic - also known in the beauty business as a bath bomb - its fizz for an extra-refreshing soak.

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And what about the fabric butterflies? Well, they are present purely for summery enjoyment! When the bath ballistic dissolves, out come the butterflies like little rubber duckies, frolicking around in the water to keep you company and boost that relaxing-in-the-sun sensation. Best of all, Lush has added a dash of honeysuckle fragrance to the natural garden aroma of the product, which means you get extra flower power for your money.

So how do you use Lush's new Butterfly Bath Ballistic? Fill your bathtub almost to the brim with hot water. Then drop the ballistic in, letting it fizz and dissolve for about a minute. Once you can see the tiny butterflies from inside the bath bomb floating around in the water, it's time for you to get in.

I recommend soaking undisturbed for at least thirty to forty-five minutes. That gives the flowers and essential oil plenty of time to moisturize your skin while the hot water works on relaxing your muscles. Just close your eyes and enjoy the whole summery indulgence. And when you're done, don't rinse off. Simply step out of the tub and towel dry. This ensures that the flowery fragrance lasts on your body for at least 24 hours.

And what can you expect after using the Butterfly Bath Ballistic? First off, your skin will feel amazingly soft and smooth. The formula's flowers really do deliver in the natural moisture department. Secondly, your muscles will be soothed and relaxed. Even if you've been working or playing all day in the summer sun, those aches and pains vanish with just one soak. Last but not least, you will smell like a freshly-picked bouquet of flowers for hours and hours. Plus the tub and bathroom will retain that wonderful scent, as well. So get ready for the compliments to come rolling in!

All that said, is Lush's new Butterfly Bath Ballistic worth the £1.95 price tag? Definitely. This bargain-priced ballistic is the ultimate bath time treat for summer. It relaxes your muscles, moisturizes your skin, and leaves you smelling like garden blossoms all day long. Plus you get little butterflies to play with while you soak. What more could a warm weather girl ask for?

So if blue skies and sunny days have inspired you to scoop up some beauty indulgences, make sure you put Lush's new Butterfly Bath Ballistic on the list. Tub time has never been so sweet, or so much fun!

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Suzanne Donahue writes articles for the Beauty Biz on beauty, fashion, diet and fitness.

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Posted on 22/06/07 00:12 by: Charlie Kuchinsky

I've never heard of this one. Great info!
Posted on 23/06/07 18:04 by: Sarah

Excellent review!

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Product Detail

  • Product Name: Butterfly Ball Ballistic
  • Price: £1.95
  • Manufacturer: Lush
  • Verdict:

    A fun, relaxing bathtime treat that won't break the bank

  • Rating:rating 4.5/5


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