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Eye shadow pigment - seven ways to make yourself beautiful

A bunch of ideas for this versatile makeup item

Author: Ashley Olson October 17 2010

pots of eye-shadow pigment

Eye shadow pigment is the most universal makeup item because it has multiple uses ranging from basic eye shadow to nail polish. This fine loose powder is bolder in color when compared to the popular compact eye shadows, but it's a little messier as well. Applying pigment is easy and it stays on without fading.

You can find it at most drugstores, Ulta, Sophora, and online. Give some of these ideas a try, and you're bound to like at least one of the many uses for eye shadow pigment!

  1. Eye Shadow: This is the most obvious uses for eye shadow pigment. You'll need a stiff and flat bristled eye brush. To apply it while dry, dip one side of the brush in the powder, tap the extra off, and then press the pigment onto your eyelid. To get a bolder and more dignified look, you can use a wet brush with the same technique. Don't forget to use primer before you put the pigment on; it will help the pigment stay on all day without sliding off.
  2. Eyeliner: Using eye shadow pigment as eyeliner is the perfect way to achieve a bold and chic look. First, pick out an angled brush and the color you want to apply. Have the color ready to go, and then get your brush damp. Dip the brush into the pigment and finish up by carefully lining your eye. Now you have custom eyeliner that is just as bold as you!
  3. Blush: Obviously you're not going to use a black or blue pigment on your cheeks, so grab the warm colors like pink and red to give yourself a cute glow. Your fingers are some of the best tools you have (and they don't cost any money) so get a little on your finger and blend the color onto your cheeks.
  4. Highlight: If you're not one of the lucky girls born with high cheekbones, you know how helpful highlighting can be. Use pigment colors like gold, pink, or even a light yellow to highlight the cheekbones, brows, and yes even the nose! Just get some on your finger and blend it in. It's an awesome trick to create depth to your face.
  5. Lip Gloss: All you need is a lip brush or finger, Vaseline or clear gloss, and a spicy color like purple, pink, or red. You can even customize your lip color by mixing colors together. Mix the pigment and Vaseline on the back of your hand and apply with your lip brush. It's easy, simple, and definitely satisfying knowing no one else will have that exact color of lip gloss.
  6. Nail Polish: This is just as easy as the lip gloss, maybe even easier. Grab your favorite color of pigment and a clear nail polish, mix both together in a Dixie cup or anything available, and paint your nails. Don't put your clear nail polish brush back in the bottle until you thoroughly clean the brush.
  7. Body Lotion with Shimmer: This is a great way to add a subtle glow to your shoulders, legs, and collarbone. It's easy; just mix a golden pink or gold pigment with your favorite lotion and apply to aforementioned areas.

It seems too good to be true - a product you can use from head to toe, but it does exist. Pigments are a wonderful tool to keep in your makeup bag. You can find them at reasonable prices, from all sorts of brands. The possibilities are endless!

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