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Review: Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Extreme

A lip plumper that works without drying out or burning your lips

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky October 5 2007

Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Extreme

After a woman turns 45, some things that she has taken for granted over the years begin to change. The skin gets dry and wrinkled, age spots pop out of nowhere over night, and the lips begin to get smaller. Most women, however, want sexy, sensuous kissable lips, which signify ultra-femininity. But not everyone can afford expensive collagen injections, which can run as much as $700 per shot, so they must rely on cosmetic alternatives. However, some of the products on the market today that claim lip plumping powers are painful to wear because they contain ingredients that sting and burn.

Why choose Lip Inflation Extreme?

The secret of Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Extreme is its breakthrough plumping hydro-collagen complex which is infused with marine collagen and hyaluronic acid. It does not dry or crack the lips and actually makes them feel moist and beautiful while delivering an immediate dramatic effect. Additionally, the cinnamon extract and special formula gloss help to enhance the lips’ natural color. The result is pinker, younger, healthy looking lips that men will rush to kiss.

Dermatologically tested, Lip Inflation Extreme guarantees visible results or the company will refund your money. I always respect a business that is willing to stand behind its product line in that fashion!

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Lip Inflation Extreme comes in a beautiful gold colored bottle that is small enough to fit it almost any sized pocket. Because it looks like a high-end lipstick tube, you won’t hesitate to pull it out and use any time you want.

While Sally Hansen provides the lip inflation product as a standalone product, she also offers it mixed into many of her lip-glosses as well. I like having the option to wear it with my own lipstick or choosing one of Sally Hansen’s other products. Three of her most popular are sheer blush, sheer, pink, and sheer mocha.

Sally Hansen also offers the cutest little compact of mini glosses that contains 20 different shades to choose from. I like them because my daughter and I can divide them between us, leaving no glosses unused or thrown away.

While I’m still searching for the one product that will make my lips look perfect, I have to admit that Lip Inflation Extreme fits the bill in the meantime.

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Posted on 27/03/08 22:37 by: KD

I tried it and it does not do anything for me other than make me gag and sick!
Posted on 26/06/08 23:07 by: Astrid

I love this product. In addition to making my lips look and feel plumper and moist, it acts as a lip gloss. Makes the lips tingle, but it is not unpleasant and I quite like the feeling. The price is exceptional for the results it gives. Obviously not everyone will like it, but it's perfect for me.
Posted on 21/08/08 21:37 by: Ayana H

When I first put it on it burned like heck but after about 1 minute it subsided and I see a slight difference in fullness and a big difference in the color (a healthy pinkish color). I love the feel of it (non-sticky but long lasting) and it smells like Heaven. Sally Hansen has done it again. I deem this product a success, especially for the price. I caught a "buy one get the other half price" sale. :-)
Posted on 25/09/08 01:45 by: britty

I just bought the product a few days ago so I haven't had the full experience with it yet but the tingling sensation isn't bad for me, I kind of like it. I love it the Lip Inflation Extreme, it makes your lips really shiny so you feel sexy and it smells so good you wouldn't believe. I also love how the outside acts like a mirror so you can use it right away and you don't have to dig around your purse looking for a pocket mirror.

Posted on 31/12/08 06:09 by: Bjet

I strongly disagree with the "it won't burn your lips" part cause it burns A LOT! It's the WORST lip plumping feeling I've EVER tried! I have it on right now... I really don't like the feeling but I'm crossing my fingers for the "plumping" action...!
Posted on 18/02/09 19:29 by: pauline lane

It was no better than any other lip inflation I have used. It certainly didn't plump up my lips. I wouldn't recommend it or ever buy this again.
Posted on 24/03/09 17:05 by: natalie

ooo i love this stuff!! smells stunning!! xxx
Posted on 17/04/09 19:44 by: Ami

Im 14 years old and bought this the other day. It's really affordable and tastes like cinnamon. I was worried at first because it did burn a bit but then I realised it was working. My lips were extremely shiny and plumped up and now I reapply it like every 5 minutes because I love the taste of it. I really reccomend it.
Posted on 08/05/09 04:17 by: amanda lea

I love these Sally Hansen lip products! I do a three step program when it comes to lip plumping and it actually supersizes your lips.

First I put on a little of the pm plumper. Then I put a little bit of the full and radiant lip definer. Then I put on lip inflation extreme. sounds like a lot, but the key is using small amounts of each so it doesn't get globby.

These products are affordable and give maximum results. I recommend them to everyone I know... and now they love them too!

Posted on 29/06/09 23:16 by: Karmen

Sorry to be so cynical, but I realized now that I wasn't being scammed so much by the product itself as I was by the REVIEWERS. Women exaggerate so much about lip plumpers. I tried this and it did not make them gigantic, and yes, I can still continue with my life without having to apply this product every 5 seconds. It slightly tingles but that's it. If there is a plumping effect at all, you would need a microscope to be able to notice it. It does make lips shiny just like any other lip gloss on planet earth. Other than that, it is shameful to label it as a lip plumper because it is far from it. Stop falling into these scams, and just go get botox already!
Posted on 25/07/09 15:49 by: Gilda DeMartino

SH PM Lip Plumper did absolutely nothing for me.
Posted on 24/08/09 03:28 by: teflon

What people don't seem to understand is that no lip plumper will make your lips larger than nature intended them to be, and that they are primarily meant for older women who have begun to experience thinning of their lips. No lip plumper will make normal or thin lips suddenly swell up like a baboon's butt, or like Angelina Jolie. They will, through the application of mild irritants, increase blood flow to your lips, which produces mild swelling and increase in colour. If you want lips like some collagen injected movie star, you're going to have to get collagen injections or a punch in the mouth. If you just want to enhance your natural lips and bring back a bit of the volume you're losing due to age, this is a fine product. If you're a young woman or teenager, you're not going to suddenly sprout trout lips (and why would you want to look like someone smashed a meatball on your face anyway?).
Posted on 14/02/10 13:19 by: jo

I would just add to be very careful. I used this product and the next day my lips were very swollen, with the added lovely effect of weeping blisters.
Posted on 19/04/10 06:59 by: Elizabeth Burke

I tried using these glosses once or twice daily and within two weeks I had the worst blistering and soreness that lasted for about two weeks more!  Now I notice that a residual effect is that my natural lip line is blurred and I still feel slight numbness! I may have to see my doctor. NOT a good experience.
Posted on 25/04/10 01:17 by: Elise

It only plumped my lower lip - I've tried every lip plumper and NONE can plump my upper lip...
Posted on 03/05/10 08:24 by: tkau

This stuff is absolute crap!! Apart from it being a high shine lip gloss with a nice colour (even that depends on your skin tone), it does nothing! And it's a lot for just a lip gloss. I remember borrowing a lip plumping gloss of a friend (sorry to those who hate sharing makeup) which was actually really good except for the fact that it really burnt.
Posted on 18/05/10 11:39 by: hayat

This really didn't work for me, I didn't even feel a slight tingling sensation, nor did it plump my lips. The best one I've used is by Napolean.
Posted on 13/06/10 08:26 by: Eunice

This did nothing for me whatsoever, which was a surprise and total disappointment because I'd previously tried the NON-exteme version of this product and this DID have some (minimal) effect.

Apparently this product is supposed to produce a tingling / burning sensation and result in plumped lips, but I felt not a single thing. No tingling, no burning, nothing! And certainly NO plumping or flushing / colouration noted.

I also didn't care for the strong, sickly cinnamon scent. Ugh.

Posted on 23/10/10 04:30 by: Heather

I like it. It's the cinnamon tingle that is supposed to make the lips swell. It doesn't work as well on me as others, but my friend has some and she must be allergic or sensitive to it because her entire mouth swelled!! Too funny! Good product though and inexpensive as well.
Posted on 10/11/10 02:52 by: karla

I noticed a change straight away. It's almost like they swell out and gives an illusion of fuller lips. A slight tingle, not that strong. Has a nice smell and colour. Good for the top of a peachy coral light lipstick.
Posted on 19/01/11 16:45 by: TE

I too experienced a lot of burning and swelling of my lips for two days while using this product and broke out in blisters on my lips. Is there cinnamon in this product? I attribute my reaction to an allergic reaction to whatever is in the product, and have had to discontinue using it unfortunately.
Posted on 03/03/11 20:28 by: Collette Lanser

It doesn't do much.  It made my lips a little pinker, and it tingled, but did nothing else.  Did not make them plump up.  Disappointed.
Posted on 04/10/11 01:58 by: lolwutmynameisnotreal

Oh my gosh, I just love it. I had chapped, burning lips, now it's all better, and pretty :)

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Product Detail

  • Product Name: Lip Inflation Extreme
  • Price: $6.99
  • Manufacturer: Sally Hansen
  • Specifications:

    .22 oz tube

  • Verdict:

    Pros: plumps the lips without drying them out or burning

    Cons: takes a few minutes to work so you'll have to wait before applying lipstick

    Overall: So far the best clear lip plumper I've found on the market

  • Rating:rating 4/5


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