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Nine weight loss mistakes

The nine most common problems to avoid when trying to lose weight

Author: Gary Toh June 27 2007

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If you are on a fitness or dieting program, you know how hard it is NOT to drop out of it. In fact, most people drop out of it after a few sessions. Why is this so? There are a ton of excuses if you ask them.

While we are all human and given to laziness and temptations, there are certain things we can watch out for which will help us stay the course.

Here are 9 common mistakes people commit when trying to lose weight. Make sure you don't make the same mistakes...

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1) Failure to plan ahead

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Having no target or vague target in mind when going to the gym can only lead to failure. How can you know if you have reached your objectives if you only have a vague target? You can ask a doctor about your ideal weight and make that your goal or target. Or think of a specific, reasonable goal yourself.

2) Succumbing to distractions

There is always the TV & other "interesting" things to distract you so it is crucial to allocate the time for gym. When something crops up at the last moment you can reschedule your gym session into another time slot if you have a good planning schedule.

3) Working out too little

Some people lift two dumb-bells a couple of times a day and think they are done. You need way more that that. Do spend some time coming up with a sound training program. Get help from a gym trainer or a veteran bodybuilder to set up your program.

4) Working out too much

Your body needs enough time to burn off the fats and grow muscles in between your workouts. Training on rest days will simply make you more tired without any additional benefits.

5) Comparing yourself with others

There is always someone who is smarter or richer or slimmer that you. Everyone has his/her own unique genetic make-up which affects how we gain weight gain, lose weight, and respond to training etc. Comparing yourself to others is totally futile.

6) Not varying your routine

Doing the same exercises in the same order over and over again is not only boring but it causes you to lose motivation. Try to juggle around the exercises that form your routine and replace them with new ones every now and then. Find variations to each classic exercise and try them out to make your routine interesting all the time.

7) Wasting your gains

If you tend to go to the pub after the gym, then you are just negating what you have achieved. Note that alcohol contains a lot of calories that are metabolized as fat very fast. Don't waste all your hard work at the gym.

8) Not watching your food intake

Try to avoid fast food and snacks and forget about those soft drinks. On the other hand, don't starve yourself . Extremes are no good. Strike a balance and provide your body with the nourishment it needs.

9) Looking for a miracle cure

It takes some effort to lose weight. Going to the gym is not a one time affair. There is no miracle cure for weight loss (or for anything). You need to put in some time and effort but it need not be a chore. Enjoy it and stop thinking of a miracle cure somewhere. There just isn't any!

So there you have it, the 9 common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight and stay slim. Keep this handy guide around you as a reminder!

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