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Get more from your makeup

Get extra value from your makeup with these tips

Author: Ashley Olson October 17 2010

woman applying bronzer to chin

Let's face it, every woman could use a hand in the morning or before going out. If you are big on multitasking, you will definitely benefit from getting double duty out of your favorite makeup items. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you were putting mascara on, painting your toenails, or watching TV while reading this!

Foundation is one great example of makeup that can serve a double duty purpose. For instance, Bobbi Brown's Luminous Moisturizing Foundation can make your skin smooth, even your fine lines, and also firm your skin. When you combine collagen boosting ingredients to foundation, you're bound to have a flawless face, and the fact that it firms is an added bonus.

You can get more than one use out of your eye shadow by applying it to your face when it's looking a little puffy; grab a neutral eye shadow and apply it to your cheeks with a blush brush. It should be two shades darker than your own skin color and have a matte finish.

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Put your eye shadow through triple time and use it as a highlighter too! Pick up any shimmery nude or neutral color and apply with your finger or q-tip. The corners of the eyes, brow bone, and top of the cheeks are three places to highlight because this gives your face more dimension and makes you look more awake.

Now that you've used up all of your eye shadow, grab some lip gloss and dab it onto your eyelids. A rosy pink color would be perfect for a subtle shine, and while you're at it dab some more onto your cheeks for a 'dewy look.' If you happen to have black lip gloss, you can easily create a smoky eye by blending.

Bronzer is a surprising double duty makeup item too. If you have a dreadful double chin, you can apply bronzer under your chin to mask the appearance of the double chin. And if you want your cleavage to look more voluptuous, apply some bronzer in the crease to enhance your girls. Bronzer is also used to add definition to muscles on your arms and legs… It sounds weird, but it works.

To get rid of those nasty dark bags under your eyes, just grab Bare Essentials' Mineral Veil and use it as a concealer. The Mineral Veil is normally used as a shear finishing powder so once you're done with the application of makeup necessities, lightly dust the powder on your face and be on your merry way!

Toning spray is perfect for a finishing spray. Spray before you apply primer as well as after you are finished applying makeup to set your look.

Mascara can also be used in many ways from your shoes to your brows. If your shoes are scuffed, rub some mascara on before work, and for those skinny little eyebrows, use your mascara to make them full. Assuming your eyebrows are known to get a little wild, mascara will keep them in place.

Getting the most out of your makeup products will allow more time for you in addition to keeping more money in your wallet. There's no need to have your bag bulging at the seams so keep it simple, chic, and sophisticated.

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Ashley is a freelance writer from Ohio. She writes on hair styling, makeup, poker, fitness, and dieting.

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Posted on 19/11/10 16:34 by: Laser Hair Removal

I like the tip about the mascara on the eyebrows - nice one! Haven't used that before.

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