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Environmental issues that are destroying your health and beauty

How toxins in the modern world are slowly poisoning us

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky March 19 2009

Smoke stacks of coal-burning power plant

Over the course of the last few decades, doctors and researchers have begun to understand how the various toxins that humans ingest, breathe in, or absorb through their skin affect the body’s health. Get it wrong, and the human body will suffer and decay like a machine that’s not looked after.

While technology has been great for man’s intellectual enhancement, it has not always been kind to man’s physical well being. We are surrounded by chemicals in the air; dosed with preservatives in our food; and offered additives in our skin and hair care. Whether we want to recognize it or not, a lot of what we now dismiss as being “normal” is slowly poisoning us.

Allergies are at an all-time high. New fungi are finding a way to grow and thrive inside a human host. Asthma, once considered primarily a children’s disease, is now common among adults as well. Skin rashes, unusual breakouts, scaling and flaking of skin indicate the inability of the body’s largest organ to keep up with all the toxins to which it is exposed. Worst of all, those are just the minor problems.

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As time goes on, we will continue to learn more about the effects that the external stimuli of our environment have within our bodies. Some researchers believe an important threshold level at which humans can deal with environmental toxins has already been breached. Increases in respiratory problems, headaches, gastro-intestinal issues and more would seem to bear that out. The question on the lips of many is: when will environmental toxins reach such a level that they permanently changes human cell growth?

Some believe it has already happened. They point to ever-increasing numbers in the types of cancer seen in humans today, while others point to growing numbers in certain types of birth defects. Whether they are right or wrong, it may be years before we understand the full impact of these studies. In the meantime, we must deal with the issues with which we are familiar and try to learn more in order to overcome oncoming obstacles.

Over the course of the next few months, I will share research on the environment, with regard to its impact on the human body. Some topic areas, like sunburn, will be ones with which some of us are already well versed. Others, like the shift to organic foods and mineral cosmetics, will address those movements and the impacts they are having. Still more will deal with the actual “cause and effect” that many things that are a part of our everyday lives could have on our bodies. I will also offer insight on some of the new emerging environmental issues.

If you, the reader, have specific questions or concerns you would like to have addressed in this series, I welcome your ideas. All you need do is leave them in the comments section below.

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