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Cosmetic colors and trends for 2009

The new make-up looks and products for the coming year

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky February 14 2009

Cosmetic trends - bold lip colors

What cosmetic trends can we expect for 2009? Firstly, pastels are the usual for spring with pale pinks and blues and slightly more vibrant peaches and corals; for many, that look will continue with an emphasis on soft, elegant beauty with just the right amount of definition. The natural look isn’t going away anytime soon and it will remain strong this season. A few cosmetic lines will offer a bit of light shimmer in their shadows, blushes and lipsticks in order to let women achieve that fairytale princess look so many of them desire.

To emphasize the fantasy look, expect to see eyelashes go longer and thicker than ever before. Some women will even opt for a return to false lashes, while others will take advantage of some of today’s newest mascara products that plump and lengthen all at the same time, and a few may even opt for lash extensions. Say goodbye to heavy eyebrows for those who follow this makeup trend – a more feminine look requires a well-sculpted brow!

Blush colors in this palette will be sheer colors of peach, pink, mauve, and plum. But don’t expect grandma’s pinched cheek look - today’s women will apply blush with a skilled light touch so that skin appears to be glowing from the inside out. To polish off the entire look, lips will go nude or offer just a hint of color in one of spring’s hot berry shades.

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However, pastels aren’t the only thing that will be seen this year. Spring 2009 is also going bright and bold; neon colors are back with a bang and some of them are going to be incorporated into this year’s makeup palette. Lips, cheeks and eyes may just sport a pop of hot color this spring. Look for rich, intense colors that are just shy of being over the top. Look for bright oranges, the hottest pinks to be found, vibrant greens, and delicious fuschias, just to name a few. This color way might not be right for the older crowd, so a few cosmetic manufacturers will offer toned-down versions as well.

The trend for facial highlighting is really going to take hold this year. Some will choose to use these products to help them hide flaws by deflecting light away from them, others will use them to bring light into the most interesting areas of the face. No matter the reason, look for more and more cosmetic manufacturers producing their own variety of this trendy option. Also expect to see illuminating powders to become popular, since they help to give the complexion a touch of magic.

No matter the color palette chosen, one thing remains true, that foundation will continue to look flawless. Whether a woman is looking for just a hint of color or trying to cover up her flaws, the foundation chosen must not be too heavy or and can never be caked on. In fact, a lot of women will forego foundation of any kind in favor of today’s hot tinted moisturizers.

Of course for any of these new trends to work, the facial canvas must be well prepared. Women will commit to improving and maintaining the quality of their skin this year, particularly those who prefer to little or no make-up at all. Moisturizers will be flying off the shelf and more customers will also seek makeup products that hydrate rather than dry out the skin. Microdermabrasion will continue to grow in popularity and women will finally understand the important of exercising their facial muscles.

Spring seems to hold a lot of opportunities for women to express their individual personalities while having a bit of fun mixing and matching colors. That definitely gets 2009 rolling in the right beauty direction.

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