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Beauty blunders and how to avoid them

Simple tips for avoiding those big beauty mistakes

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky February 14 2009

beauty blunders

Beauty blunders: we all make them from time to time. We choose the wrong hair color, go too dark with our foundation, or take part in cosmetic trends that don’t suit us. At the time we make these decisions, they often seem like a good idea - after all, everyone wants to be up-to-date and at least a little trendy. It isn’t until we actually use the products we have chosen that we regret sets in. It may even by amplified ten-fold if we spent a lot of money on our purchases.

So how does one go about avoiding a beauty blunder? The answer is that sometimes we can and other times we simply can’t. Here are some simple tips for avoiding some of the most common beauty blunders.

  1. Don’t guess at the color of your makeup foundation. Look for testers that will allow you try it on to make certain it will work for you. If the store you’re at doesn’t have them, don’t purchase the foundation there. Find a store that does provide testers. Foundation is expensive and today, with an ever-tightening economy, most of us can’t afford to throw away our money.
  2. Stay away from makeup “fads”. Trendy colors are usually geared to a very narrow group of women such as the very young or the fashionista. Just because a cosmetic company comes out with a hot pink eye shadow, that doesn’t mean that every woman can wear it. Stick to the colors that you know work for you. If you don’t know what those are, seek advice of an expert in the field; visit a beauty boutique or department store that have people on hand who can help you. The cost, if any, is generally minimal.
  3. Less is always more. Packing on tons of makeup to hide blemishes can sometimes make them even more noticeable. Heavy eye shadows, liners and blushes, and dark lipsticks, can make you look harsh and overdone. Finding the right make-up is crucial if your skin is anything less than perfect on its own. Take the time to locate the products that will work for you to make you look like the flawless beauty you deserve to be.
  4. Don’t overdo the fragrance. You may love the perfume or cologne that you have chosen, as well you should. However that doesn’t mean that everyone else will love it as well. Heavy fragrance is the bane of those who must work, play, or travel in enclosed spaces. Maybe you can’t tell that you have put on too much but everyone else can. Be kind to them by being careful not to overdo. Spray your fragrance choice into the air and walk through it. That is the perfect amount of fragrance. It allows you to make a statement but it won’t choke or gag others around you.
  5. Don’t choose a hairspray that doesn’t allow you hair to move. While lacquered hair was popular in the 60’s and experienced a minor resurgence during the 70’s and 80’s, that doesn’t mean it is a good idea. There are lots of hairsprays on today’s shelves that work beautifully to hold hair in place while still allowing it to move in a natural way.
  6. Avoid heels that are too high for you. I am very guilty of this beauty blunder myself. I want to look young and hip just like everyone else, and have often bought the high heels, sometimes for outrageous prices, only to find I wear them only once because they are so uncomfortable. What a waste of money! The fashion trend may say that you need to wear certain shoe styles, but if you can’t walk in them or if they make you uncomfortable, what is the point? It is easy today to find shoes that are both trendy and comfortable. It will take some work but it can be done. You will have made a better investment, feel better and consequently look even more beautiful.
  7. Don’t highlight your own hair. I know it is cheaper and really not that difficult to do, but that doesn’t mean it is right. Unless you are a beautician yourself, you run the risk of over-processing and doing major damage to your flowing tresses. Instead, shop around and find a local beauty shop that can do the job for you. It will cost more, to be sure, but the results are usually 100 times better.
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