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Review: Cover Girl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

Two giants combine to produce a wonderful new foundation

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky February 7 2009

Cover Girl and Olay's Simply Ageless Foundation

Cover Girl is a leader in cosmetics for one single reason: They give women what they want at a price they can afford to pay. It is an effective one/two punch that had ensured the company’s standing in the world of beauty.

Cover Girl has, once again, listened to its customers to come with a foundation that glides smoothly over delicate, aging skin leaving nothing behind but a beautiful, glowing, flawless look. But that wasn’t enough for this forward-thinking company. They also wanted to offer their consumers something more; a foundation that would hide fine lines and wrinkles so that women could always look their best.

They achieved that goal by partnering with skincare giant, Olay, combining Olay's highly popular Regenerist Serum with Cover Girl foundation. Then, to protect the skin even more, they added SPF 22 to keep away harmful UV rays from the sun. The result speaks for itself as women enjoy porcelain-like skin that glows with youth and vitality.

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Cover Girl and Olay's Simply Ageless Foundation comes in multiple colors including ivory, class ivory, natural ivory, creamy natural, buff beige, classic beige, medium light, natural beige, warm beige, creamy beige, soft honey, classic tan, tawny, toasted almond, and soft sable.

This product is a winner. It goes on smooth, blends in perfectly, and leaves no trace of cakey residue behind. Clinical tests have also shown that, used regularly, the foundation actually helps to improve the skin’s condition within 30 days.

Simply Ageless products can be purchased anywhere that Cover Girl is sold including department stores, drug stores, and beauty supplies. It can also be purchased online from a number of different sites. The price ranges between $12.95 and $14.95, depending upon where it is purchased.

I can’t recommend this product more for women over the age of 50. I think almost everyone will be delighted with the results.


Posted on 23/02/09 20:35 by: Lois Davies

It took me almost 2 weeks to find any store that had "simply ageless" in stock. Finally at Walmart in Ontario, Canada at $16.97 I found it and ended up with classic beige.

They had no testers so it was a guessing game. I have a slight tan year round, and this color goes on your face much lighter than it appears in the compact. The only way I can get it to not look too light is to put mineral foundation powder (which was a better match on top) then it looks pretty good.

I am 50 and it definitely makes my skin appear younger and smoother. Even my husband asked what I had done different as I "looked like a schoolgirl"!! I will definitely buy this product again but hope to find a better color match. They need to have testers at Walmart!

Posted on 04/03/09 14:34 by: Michelle

I bought the foundation yesterday and used it this morning. I too found it was a bit lighter on my skin than it looked on the container. I bought the lightest one since I'm pretty fair and don't tan ever. Next time, I'd buy a shade darker than I think I need. I'm guessing the white Olay part of the makeup lightens it a little. It did go on smooth, though, and I think it feels nice.
Posted on 08/03/09 22:24 by: Sally

Didn't like it! Thought it "sat" on your skin, didn't blend in the least. Made my pores very noticeable! I do not recommend it!
Posted on 09/03/09 02:26 by: Bernice

I cannot recommend this product. Used it as the video showed...I look like a circus clown! The color is about two shades lighter than it says and it is chalky and heavy... made my pores really obvious, and looked like I had on too much powder... my wrinkles were much more evident than with no makeup at all.
Posted on 11/03/09 17:24 by: Carol

I also did not like this makeup. It did not look natural, did not match my skin. (When I went to CVS to buy it, one of their salespeople dipped a Q-tip in the same color of another Cover Girl foundation, since you can not test Simply Ageless, and recommended which one to pick). It was very cakey, showed pores, did not hide any wrinkles, and did not blend in at all. If I can return it, I will.
Posted on 15/03/09 20:14 by: Sandi

I bought this product about 4 weeks ago in creamy beige but it is sometimes cakey on my skin and looks like makeup. Not really sure I like it. It did hide some of the soft lines around my eyes though. I may try the natural beige because it's on sale this week just to see if it still looks cakey.
Posted on 15/05/09 01:06 by: Tres

I bought this product today and put it on when I got home, it feels like grease on my face and is very itchy. I am trying to find out what is in this product that is causing this to happen. I will return it to the store tomorrow.
Posted on 04/06/09 13:43 by: Brenda

I love the product, but don't like the 2-piece container... it is awkward to use.
Posted on 21/06/09 09:00 by: Margaret

I have to say that I really like this product. It goes on smoothly, takes little effort to blend, feels very light, and according to my husband he doesn't "taste" make-up when he kisses my cheek.
Posted on 24/06/09 17:37 by: Heather

The only way this product looks good on the skin is with a slightly darker mineral powder applied over it. If you have larger pores that's the only way it gives a more finished look.
Posted on 22/08/09 02:08 by: June Huntington

I need help in getting the correct shade. I did have very dark hair, but now keep it a brown with gold highlights, and I have blue eyes. I have a fair skin. I bought no 220, but it was way too light, it made me look ill. I just bought 225, but I'm afraid to open it for fear it will be too light also. If I can't get a good color I will have to return to Revlon. I have had their anti-aging make up for years, in light beige.
Posted on 24/08/09 16:55 by: Charlie Kuchinsky

I am faired skinned and wear 215. I have found with a lot of foundations that you need to go one shade darker than usual, but I hit on the right color the first time around. Most cosmetologists agree that anything in a "medium" tone works for the vast majority of women. Hope this helps and doesn't just  muddy the water even more!
Posted on 10/09/09 05:55 by: Sally

I have been using this foundation for about 3 weeks now. It is a bit lighter than it looks - but that is the ONLY problem I see with it. It is the best foundation I have ever tried. My skin looks more radiant and I have gotten a lot of compliments. My pores are not visible at all, fine lines are not as visible, and my skin just looks better even when I don't have it on.
Posted on 17/11/09 15:15 by: Lisa Vollenweider

I too had to buy a couple of shades darker than I would've thought... I tried Ivory... toooo light, so I bumped it up to buff beige, and it is perfect, I love the way it glides on the skin to give a perfect porcelain finish.. I also use the matching buff beige compact powder in Cover Girl to finish it off!! Perfection!
Posted on 22/01/10 14:25 by: Dorothy Mathews

How do you open this thing? I can't get the sponge out.
Posted on 26/01/10 21:37 by: Charlie Kuchinsky

Dorothy, it unscrews. I had the same problem at first.
Posted on 18/02/10 05:34 by: Keely

I have been using Covergirl Olay Simply Ageless Foundation for about a week now, and like it says, I don't feel like I have makeup on at all. It blends into my skin really well, although I also need a darker shade, but it might blend too well. That or it rubs off. The makeup on my cheeks, right close next to my nose seems like it's just going away. Also since I've started using this, the sides of my nose, my chin, and above my top lip area has dried out. But this foundation seems to cover well, I just don't know why it's drying out my skin. My sister is having the same problem with this product.
Posted on 22/02/10 23:34 by: barbara Taylor

I read the other comments. I have never had to call a number to ask how to open a jar. Come on, who designed this? I still can't open it, my hands hurt, I'm taking it back to the store.
Posted on 24/02/10 21:02 by: YO

I love this foundation. It is lighter than shown so buy a shade a step or 2 down. I plan on buying a darker color once I start tanning.  I also purchased the eye concealer which is fabulous also. Love the way both go on my skin and my skin looks wonderful.  The clear top portion of the jar unscrews and the pad is in the bottom. Relax!
Posted on 28/02/10 04:07 by: amber

My mom just bought this and she is in the kitchen breaking it off the purple part piece by piece because NO ONE in our house can get it open. My step dad can't even open it. We told her we think it is sealed but she won't listen, she's determined to TRY and open it... oh wait she just got it!
Posted on 17/03/10 19:48 by: Jane

I got this just a few days ago. I think the make up itself is very smooth and blends in well. The shade I got is too light unfortunately. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to open it.
Posted on 19/03/10 22:03 by: carol

I broke two fingernails and still can't get it open. Tried "twisting" as they said but it won't budge!
Posted on 20/03/10 19:11 by: Suzanne

The finish on the face is very good - just enough coverage without looking masky. You have to get about 2 shades darker for a good blend.
Posted on 21/03/10 03:14 by: Margaret

I honestly can't see why people have been having problems opening this - it's pretty obvious that the sponge part flips open, then turn it over and unscrew the foundation part (perhaps people are trying to unscrew it while it's upside down and   accidentally tightening it?!). Only negative comment would make is that it is MUCH lighter than it looks. I have very fair skin and the Ivory (which is usually what I would get) was way too pale - think the Munsters! - and the next one down which looked too dark was actually a good match for me. I also find it goes on nice and smooth as long as you put on moisturiser or primer first (like most foundations).
Posted on 29/03/10 19:54 by: Gloria

Never ever again! Cakey, pores clogging. If you are going to attend a casting for the Phantom of the Opera then this is a perfect theatrical make up product. It doesn't look natural AT ALL. Glow? Are you kidding me? All the contrary. Very difficult to find a matching color (I tried three) and I am L'Oreal Natural Beige 464 i.e. very popular.
Posted on 26/05/10 03:47 by: nikki

I really had difficulties opening the jar, so I hit the lid with a knife or fork a few times and it opened. If you too are having trouble with the lid just tap it a few times with a knife and it will easily open. :)
Posted on 26/05/10 13:24 by: Lauren

I have been using the simply ageless foundation, blush, and under eye concealer for about 2 weeks now and I LOVE IT! I love how it glides on smooth and gives my skin a glowing look.  I usually don't use creamy foundations because I have oily skin, but this product works great with my skin.  The fact that this is also supposed to rejuvenate my skin is a bonus!
Posted on 30/05/10 23:44 by: Anne67

This product is amazing. I can't believe how smooth this foundation lays on my skin. Also it recently won an Edison Award, how cool is that?
Posted on 09/06/10 18:51 by: Jen

I've been searching for a foundation for a while and tried them all: mineral, liquid and cream. I like this one the best. It goes on smooth and light. I only apply a thin layer and it makes it through all day.
Posted on 16/06/10 00:12 by: Raquel

I LOVE this product! It really depends on your skin type, not all foundations, mascaras, lipsticks etc are for everyone, so you can't really tell from one person's review if this product is right for you. My best friend told me about an amazing lipstick she loves, but since I have drier lips than her it looked terrible on me.

I personally have combination skin, as it is dry in some areas due to different acne products I had tried over the years. I am 28 years old and have suffered from acne since age 9, and nothing worked, not even proactive. I oddly enough started using olay simply agless facewash in combination with switching to this foundation, with a light mineral powder to top it off, and my skin looks hollywood flawless!

This product sits beautifully, not a pore to be seen and lasts all day! I can't explain the compliments I get and how good it has been for my self esteem. Every outfit looks good with a glowing face! It doesn't have the same ingredients as other foundations had that had been irritating my face.

Posted on 16/06/10 20:55 by: Maria

Also found it to be very "thick & heavy" on my face, even when applied "sparingly". Elizabeth Arden, liquid foundation, although expensive, is worth every penny. Going back to Liz...
Posted on 06/07/10 18:36 by: Marion

Thank you Nikki. Your advice re tapping the lid worked, using the handle of an old fashioned dinner knife. Sanity saved. A wonderful product.
Posted on 10/07/10 00:59 by: Tina

I can't get it open and it is driving me crazy!!! I tried tapping the lid. Fail. A product should never be this hard to open.
Posted on 15/07/10 03:45 by: jenna

AARGH! I have tried everything and cannot get it open!!!!!!!!
Posted on 03/08/10 20:32 by: joanne smythe

How difficult can it possibly be to open a makeup jar?
Posted on 06/09/10 20:16 by: Kathy

Well, first there is a seal on it, and then it screws open. If it seems cakey, you're probably using too much. I normally use Clinique Even Better and bought this as an interim while I'm tan right now.  Considering using it full time after this trial run. Goes on light, and blends well. I use a foundation brush to apply...
Posted on 06/11/10 02:08 by: angie

I simply love this, my face glows all day! Marvellous product, Olay and Covergirl!
Posted on 26/11/10 21:12 by: Make up for ever

I really love this product, I have tried almost every foundation in the market and this item is one of the best. I have very dry skin and with this product I don't have to apply moisturizer prior to make up, it is long lasting, full cover and no smell on the skin, it blends well into the skin with time. I used 215 but it was one shade  lighter than what I expected , next time am gonna buy the darker one. Do not use this product if you have oily skin and do not apply any other creams underneath.
Posted on 28/11/10 21:55 by: Joni

Have to buy 2 shades darker, lid is almost impossible to open (not good) but it is a nice makeup with nice texture. Best to use a sponge (even dampen the sponge just slightly).
Posted on 15/01/11 00:22 by: Kathleen

I have very, very fair skin and have spent literally hundreds of dollars on foundations to match my skin. This is the only one that has EVER been perfect for my skin colour. I wore it for almost a year straight until I bought one, and it was almost like they had darkened the fair one a bit because it looked discoloured on my face and neck. I threw it out and bought another of the fair shade because I figured maybe the first one was old or something... but it too was darker. I no longer use it because it's not a good match for my skin anymore, but I loooooved it when it matched. I don't know if cover girl changed the fair one, but if they did, I wish they hadn't! To anyone who can match it well to their skin... I definitely reccommend this product!
Posted on 16/02/11 23:17 by: Pauline

I think I would love the product if I could find the right color. I've bought 3 different colors. I chose the color by looking at the cover, it seemed perfect until I got it home, opened it and to my dismay the color inside wasn't even close to the color showing through the glass compact. Does anyone have any tricks on how to tell what the color really is?
Posted on 17/02/11 06:24 by: Sharna

This is possibly the best foundation I have ever bought, finally found a foundation that is light enough for my skin and it's so smooth :) And don't understand how some people can't open it, i can - it's not hard!
Posted on 02/03/11 21:26 by: jackie martinez

I have been using cover girl olay and I like it, it's just that it makes your skin look too light. I have natural beige and it makes pores stand out more, and after a while it looks oily and cakey and doesn't blend in well at all. I've been using it for about 3 months but I'm thinking about trying something new.
Posted on 23/03/11 16:08 by: cheryl

I'm 64. I thought this product was for "mature" skin. Sorry, but after applying this foundation, I saw things I'd never seen before (bad things).  Pores appeared very large, and wrinkles were deeper, even though I moisturized first.  I powdered and blushed over it, but I can feel the product on my face.  I'll go back to my CG liquid Smoother, which I've used for years and love.  Can I get my money back from CG?
Posted on 07/04/11 16:55 by: GINNY OROURKE

Did not like it at all. Tried to apply it with the sponge applicator but it hardly went on. I am using the tru blend but I thought I would try this since they are discontinuing the tru blend. It was lighter than the shade in tru blend and caked in all the wrong places, definitely not worth it.
Posted on 09/05/11 13:57 by: queen of egypt

Extremely difficult to open screw top. The makeup is greasy to the touch. The color is too light, doesn't match the samples in store. It sinks into pores and looks horrible and cakey on the face, streaky if you don't put enough on. This has been the worst makeup purchase I made in years.
Posted on 14/10/11 01:08 by: cath

Disappointed in the claims, it doesn't sink into lines or show age. I want a refund I spent $13.98 in Walmart. Thought it would be good for my skin, I am 48, but people never guess I am. I have always taken care of skin, but nonetheless, too heavy foundation only excentuates what you want to conceal. Yhis foundation falls very short of its claims. The blush is great, but I will stick with maybelline foundation.
Posted on 13/01/12 00:28 by: Heather

What the HELL! how do you open this freakin thing??
Posted on 15/01/12 15:12 by: Charlie

It unscrews.

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Product Detail

  • Product Name: Simply Ageless Foundation
  • Price: $13.99
  • Manufacturer: Cover Girl & Olay
  • Specifications:

    .4 oz

  • Verdict:

    Pro: The foundation goes on smoothly, leaving nothing behind but glowing, youthful, beautiful looking skin

    Con: It's a bit more expensive than other foundations on the market today

    Overall: a top product

  • Rating:rating 4.5/5


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