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Review: Serious Skin Care's FirmA-Face

A cream that promises an instant facelift

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky April 5 2010

Serious Skin Care's FirmA-Face

Serious Skin Care is usually a credible skin care line from the wife of Sylvester Stallone - Jennifer Flavin-Stallone. Unfortunately, Firm-A-Face does not live up to the reputation of the line as a whole.

The promise made both on TV and on the product itself are that Firm-A-Face provides a very slight face “lift” if applied correctly. There are however, three major problems. First, it is difficult to determine the right amount of product to apply in order to get the desired results. It will take several hit and miss efforts before one sees the promised results.

The second problem is that the cream must be applied in a thin, even coat. If the application is too thin or too thick it will not work at all.

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Thirdly, the intended results, which include a light tightening around the eyes, forehead, mouth and nose, are extremely temporary in nature. They disappear as soon as the product is rinse off as outlined in the (clear-cut) instructions.

Before using Firm-A-Face, the facial area must be cleansed of any makeup and dirt. The skin must also be totally dry. This process will take about 5 to 10 minutes of preparation.

Once the cream is applied in a thin, even coat, the muscles of the face must be held completely still for about 5 minutes. This gives the product time to dry to do its lifting magic. If the product is applied correctly, the wearer will feel and be able to see the tightening action in the mirror.

After the tightening has stopped, it is time to rinse the face with splashes of cool water. The customer is advised to use his or her fingertips to pat excess product away so that none remains on the face. If it does, it will show an unsightly white scaley-looking film.

According to Serious Skin Care, the face should retighten as it dries. Unfortunately, I found no evidence of that fact. As far as I could tell Firm-A-Face’s “nanoencapsulated technology” provided nothing more than a momentary illusion of lift. I find much better results with the company’s Inst-A-Tox.

I cannot therefore, in good conscious recommend this product even if it was one tenth of its very expensive $49.99 price tag. This one is quite simply a dud

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Posted on 12/06/11 21:07 by: Lynn

I’ve been using Firma-Face XR for the last 7 days, and I love it. Prior to purchasing the product, I read numerous reviews on it; people either absolutely loved it, or absolutely hated it. But after reviewing it I still felt curious and compelled to give it a try, and since it came with a 30 day money back guarantee, I thought what the hell,  worst case scenario I could slap the return label on it and send it back, no harm no foul.

I received Firma-Face in the mail just after a few days of ordering from HSN. I opened the box and read the instructions and ingredients carefully. The first few ingredients listed were acid compounds I didn’t recognize; a bit unsettling, vanity aside, I had no intentions of burning my skin off although I did recognize one of the acids: glycolic, an ingredient commonly used in facial peels. The only other ingredients that I could readily identify were retinol; a stimulant for collagen production, and caffeine; when applied topically constricts the skin tissue therefore acting as a firming agent to tighten and reduce the size of your pores.

I followed the instructions to the letter, it was very easy. I applied Firma-Face and set the kitchen timer for 4 minutes; it recommends leaving it on for an additional minute after the initial 3 minutes prior to rinsing. Within seconds after applying, I could feel a slight burning followed by a cooling sensation as it tightened.  After rinsing it off my complexion looked flawless, almost like glass the pores shrank substantially and the fine lines around my chin and mouth where less noticeable, and even the droopy skin on my eye lid looked firmer as well making my eyes appear fresh and awake.

Afterwards, I mixed a little bit of the product into my moisturizer and eye cream and applied it directly to my face and eyes followed by additional moisturizer; the product tends to be a bit drying from the acid compounds and can otherwise leave a slight opaque matte finish without the additional moisturizer.

In all fairness, I think for those who hated it, may have had unrealistic expectations or may have extremely sensitive skin. It is as it states: a TEMPORARY result, not permanent. You have to approach it for what it is; a facial and pre-makeup primer not a” miracle” in a tub. However, with continued use the effects of glycolic acid and retinol are lasting, but initially the immediate effect is temporary; since I’m not a chemist or dermatologist, I’m still unsure as to how all the other ingredients play into it.

What I absolutely loved most about it was how liberating it was not to have to apply any foundation or powder afterwards, it evened out my skin tone beautifully I just lightly added some blush and lipstick, and finished with a touch of mascara; I didn’t want to detract from the beauty and clarity of my new skin. On a value level, I think it’s a great value, I’ve shelled out hundreds and thousands of dollars over the years for injections and retinol at the dermatologist, so at $50.00 for a 2 month supply, that’s $300 a year and I’ve spent twice that at the makeup counter with less results I strongly feel it’s an excellent value and a great addition to my tool box/makeup kit. Just bear in mind that it’s a tool, not a magic wand. Sincerely, 53 & loving it!

Posted on 16/06/11 04:22 by: Dorothy HAMMOND

I have been useing firm-a-face for about six months and I am rather pleased with the results. I am a bit worried about the acid that it contains.
Posted on 02/05/12 06:24 by: betty browne

I think that firm-a-face is GREAT. Anybody who doesn't achieve the desired result just doesn't know how to use it.  Remember to shake it before applying it. Jennifer,
Posted on 11/02/13 20:21 by: Marcie

I'm just reviewing this product.  My question is do you have to rinse off?  I've seen some people saying it works better when you just leave it on.

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Product Detail

  • Product Name: FirmA-Face
  • Price: $49.99
  • Manufacturer: Serious Skin Care
  • Verdict:

    Pro: Makes wrinkles look less severe and gives a slight “lift” when first applied

    Con: Wrinkle release and lift disappears once you rinse the product away as advised

  • Rating:rating 1/5


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