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Review: Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream

A cleansing cream and make-up remover in one

Author: Carmen Isom June 10 2007

Noxzema original deep cleansing cream

One of my favorite facial cream products is the Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream. This Procter & Gamble product came to us in the 1960’s and has been around ever since for the natural facial skin cleansing it provides.

Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream is sold in a short, 14 oz blue jar and of all the Noxema products, it is by far the simplest, and in my opinion the best. It is very much like a cold crème; white, cold out of the jar, foamy, with a strong menthol smell.

The scented camphor and menthol ingredients cause a tingling sensation on application; they are designed to open up skin pores, and help to moisturize and soften the skin. They may irritate sensitive skin at first, but generally the irritations do not last for more than a week, and speaking personally, as someone with extremely sensitive skin, I have never had a problem.

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The way to use Noxzema is to take a couple of fingers, scoop up a less than generous amount, and rub the cream onto your face in a circular motion. Even a small amount goes a long way; it has light, fluffy, tingling sensation, and you can feel it seeping into your pores and opening them up.

Leaving it on your face for a few minutes or longer really helps to open up your pores but you shouldn’t leave it on to the point of drying it out; you want it to feel cool on your skin, not dry. Noxema doesn’t dry as quickly as soap would, and I tend to leave it on for 3-5 minutes. After that, you should splash your face with water and wash the cream off, which will have formed a thick foam that will cling to your skin.

After splashing my face clean of Noxzema, I feel refreshed, my face feels cool, and my pores literally feel more open. And most importantly, my skin doesn’t feel dry.

One of the best things about Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream is that it can also clean off your makeup. Instead of buying a traditional make-up removal cleanser or using deep moisturizing paper towels, you can apply a generous amount of Noxemea to your face. Then simply use a paper towel, tissue, or a wet cloth to wipe away your make-up. Again, leave the Noxema on for a few minutes. Then wipe it off, and off comes your make-up leaving your face fresh and clean. You should again splash your face with water to remove any excess Noxzema.

Aside from being a facial cleanser and a make-up remover, the very best thing about Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream is the price. Buying a lot of different products, new and old, to clean your face and get rid of make-up can be expensive with each product costing between $5 and $25. But Noxzema in the short blue jar will cost only about $3.79 (US), and will last about two months if used twice a day, if you use a single finger of cream for each cleansing (which is plenty to spread across your face).


Ingredients: Water, Stearic Acid, Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Fragrance, Ammonium Hydroxide, Camphor, Menthol, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Propylene Glycol, Gelatin, Calcium Hydroxide.


Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream is sold as “soft, smooth and never greasy”, and this is a fair description. It moisturizes your skin, makes it feel cleaner and smoother, tightens the skin to fight wrinkles, and can be used as a make-up remover. The only drawback for some people might be an initial irritation due to the camphor and menthol. Overall it is one of my favorite skin products.

About the Author

Carmen is a filmmaker who enjoys producing, writing and editing. She has a BA in Mass Media and a MFA in Film. Recently she has produced and edited a short documentary and is currently producing/directing independent films. She is also a short and feature screenwriter.


Posted on 22/06/07 00:13 by: Charlie Kuchinsky

I used this stuff when I was younger but it kept breaking me out. I hated that, because I actually liked how it felt on the skin.
Posted on 28/10/07 13:08 by: Beverly

I've used it almost every day since it came out - I am now 65 years old and still use it and love it.
Posted on 23/07/08 10:44 by: Isadora

I have a very sensitive skin and for somehow I have problems on my skin (acne), I tried so many products but only Noxzema works for me. I am Angolan (in Africa); here we do not have this product and I used to ask my friends to get it from the USA.
Posted on 23/09/09 17:06 by: alicia906

I remember my mom using it when I was a little girl. Now im 29 with horrible acne. I'm buying a jar today. Maybe she was right.
Posted on 13/12/09 06:15 by: Actoner

I'm going to buy a jar today - let's see if this works!
Posted on 25/12/09 05:13 by: Sweetstuff

I am 31 with bad acne too! I have tried everything under the sun, including Proactiv, and I just bought this jar a week ago and have been using it twice a day. Let me tell you... amazing. My mother introduced this stuff to me when I was 13 and getting minor break outs. Everyone use to comment on how FLAWLESS my skin was. I should have kept using this stuff, but I got side-tracked into thinking more expensive products were better. Not true at all! I have acne scars on my face now from whatever it is they put in the products. Noxzema doens't do this to me. You just have to find a good cleansing creme that works for you. I think i'm gonna be a Noxzema gal for life!
Posted on 31/01/10 22:22 by: Karen

I have been using Noxzema Skin Care in the Big Blue Jar for 40 Years. I am 51 and look 35. It has kept my youthfulness and I am just now starting to see a few places around my eyes - which are due to years of smiling that are showing my age a bit. I was so disturbed to find that the product has been recalled. I can't find a jar of this anywhere. I have one more evening I can use this product and I am forced to use another product. The only relevant comment I found to be sensible on the recall website was the one in regard to product seal. These days I do think that would be a good idea! Dear Noxzema, please get this done asap so we can get back to using the product that us girls have depended on for a lifetime. Sincerely 51 and still need my Noxzema.
Posted on 11/02/10 14:27 by: ronnie

Noxema is one of the best personal products ever produced in America. I've used it for over 20 yrs for several purposes. Apply it on the whole face before bed, don't wash it off - it goes right in. I am always being taken as much younger than I am and I believe it's due to my use of Noxema. It's also great for personal cleansing and is the most effective sunburn relievers out there. Excellent for a mild itch and safe to use (my skin is super sensitive but loves it).
Posted on 13/02/10 00:35 by: Lee

I have used Original Noxema in the blue jar for sunburn forever!  Now I'm unable to locate it. I have been to all the pharmacies and retail stores. What's up??
Posted on 16/02/10 20:02 by: Ellen

I have looked all over the place for Noxzema - Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Kmart. I can't find it anywhere. Has it been discontinued?
Posted on 16/02/10 22:15 by: Mary Smith

I've been using noxzema since I was 14.  I'm now 39 and still pass for 29.  NO ONE believes I'm in my 30's. I'm approached every other week by people selling Avon or MaryKay or make up techs at the counters. They all ask how I keep my skin so fresh and young.  I tell them each time "Noxzema" - I'm a walking advert for it. Now I'm OUT of Noxzema and desperate for more. HELP! When will it come back? I can't find anything on when it will be back in stores.
Posted on 10/03/10 15:30 by: *whistle*

I found it just last week at Kroger.
Posted on 19/04/10 17:22 by: Vee!

My skin started breaking out due to the implant IUD, I recently got it removed :).  Before then I never had an acne problem.  I have tried several products to clear up what that implant has left behind, nothing worked.  I tried Noxzema and whithin a week I could see a big difference... Yayyy for Noxzema! This would be one product that I would use for the rest of my life. For all the comments above that are looking for this product; you could find it at Walmart, or if you're not located near one, try online stores.
Posted on 08/05/10 01:47 by: Raquel

Hello, I have been searching for new can of Noxzema for about three years.  I Have always found someone to bring one for me from USA. However it's been hard this year. If someone knows where in Montevideo (Uruguay) I can find this product it will be very helpful!
Posted on 19/05/10 02:12 by: Mechelle

A coworker who has been getting chemo for the last three years told me how she continues to look like she's in her early 50's (she's actually 64). She has the smoothest skin I've ever seen. I know how chemo can age you but her skin looks so great in spite of it. She told me it's because she has never put soap on her face, only used Noxzema since she was a girl. So I went last week and got a big tub, I remember using it as a teenager myself (I'm 42 now) and I can tell you it has made a big difference in my face just in the last week. I read where people were having difficulty finding it. I bought mine at Walmart. Kroger and Dollar Store also have it. I've used it for sunburns too and it works instantly for relief! This stuff is great and considering how long it's been around, that should say something.
Posted on 04/06/10 08:24 by: Tripheni

They've changed the formula!  Less natural oils and more gelatin. Less tingle! More sticky film. I loved the original for 40 years - I still get compliments that I credit to the original. But I won't use this nasty stuff.
Posted on 05/06/10 20:50 by: alexis

I love the smell and the way Noxema feels on my face but this product isn't good for true african-american skin.  It's too drying and causes breakouts. It makes acne-prone skin even worse.

I used Noxema skin cream for many years during my growing up years because my mother used it and she had beautiful skin. As an adult I realize that my mother had a different skin type, one that was naturally flawless and easy to maintain.  She probably could have used almost any product. 

Then I discovered glycerin soap regrettably decades later.  The best treatment for dry or oily, blemished, african-american skin is glycerin soap!  Really the best!

Posted on 28/06/10 18:57 by: Denise

I saw a lady I haven't seen in years the other day.  She is almost 80 and looks 60.  She told us they mistake her to be sisters with her daughter.  She was asked by another lady how much work she'd had done to her face.  She said, "None. I've used Noxzema and then moisturized since I was a teenager. I never went to bed with make up on and never put soap on my face." That was all I needed to hear. 
Posted on 10/07/10 06:01 by: Susanne Slinger

I have been using noxzema since I was 15 years old in 1973 while I was living in Canada. I remember one winter I was laughed at, because my nose had beads of perspiration on it and it was very cold out side. As you know noxzema is heated. I never used soap on my face. In 1983 I broke out with an irriation on my face which came from handle money because I was working in a bank. The dermatologist recommended that I wash my face with noxzema but I needed to use it more regularly. Since then any little pimple which I hardly get, I will put some noxzema on the spot and it clears away. I am 52 years now and I continue to use it at lease once a week, still no soap. Though I may experience with other products  for a minute, I always return to noxzema. I have a motto: once it works for me I will stick with it.
Posted on 12/07/10 19:02 by: Phyllis Johnson

I have been using the pump bottle version of Noxzema's original deep cleansing cream for at least ten years. Alberto Culver made a HUGE mistake when they changed Noxzema's formula after obtaining the product from Procter & Gamble. Why does everybody think people want moisturizers in everything? When something ain't broke, don't fix it!!! Not only is the formula now terrible, but the "new" pump bottle is also totally worthless.  It makes using this product altogether unpleasant.  Too bad. Another great product gone with the wind. Put it back to the way it was.
Posted on 20/07/10 20:47 by: Amarielle.

I've just started using Noxzema last night! So I couldn't tell you right now what it has done for my skin. There is a tingling sensation when you first put it on, then it goes away, then when you wash it off, it tingles again! It seems like the Noxzema is seeping deep down into my pores though because soon you start to see nothing on your face until you wash it again. I was inspired to use Noxzema when i saw my cousin put it on her skin every morning and her skin is pretty clear for a teen girl.
Posted on 01/09/10 03:19 by: Jay Polerstock

I am a 51 year old man who has very sensitive skin. Even the mildest soaps and skin cleansers always irritate and dry out my skin. Noxzema is the only thing that I use to wash my face. I used to have very bad acne and once I started using noxzema regularly my face cleared up right away. It never irritates or drys out my skin like all the other skin cleansers do. I sometimes wash my face 3 times a day with noxzema and it makes my skin feel so clean - never dry or irritated. If someone like me with extremely sensitive skin can use it - then anyone can. I highly recommend this to anyone. You will be glad you purchased it. It is the greatest skin cleanser ever. I can't live without it!
Posted on 27/09/10 02:31 by: Rosy

I have a 15 year old daughter who started getting acne and blackheads.  I've had her try proactive, murad etc, and nothing worked.  While staying at my mother's over the summer, she began using her Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream and I could not believe the results.  Her blackheads and acne were gone and her skin looked soft and smooth.  She absolutely loves it.  I was shocked that something so inexpensive and simple could out-perform the more expensive products.  I am now using it myself in the hope that I will have the same results!
Posted on 04/11/10 01:14 by: Vivian

I've only used Noxzema once because my father purchased it last night for me. I was strongly impressed by the results. My nose isn't very oily any more. My face is very soft. My acne is less noticeable now. I'm very glad & thankful to have this as my daily face wash. Thanks Noxzema :)
Posted on 14/11/10 22:22 by: I Wyllie

I have used Noxema since my teen years - I am now 55 & still using it. It is the best skin care product around & it is reasonably priced too. I have tried other products to see if they are better and I  always go back to Noxema. My mother used it too.
Posted on 19/11/10 05:17 by: lei

I've been using noxzema for 3 years. The biggest mistake you can make is using other products when you get a breakout. If you eat right, drink enough water and use noxzema you will have beautiful skin!
Posted on 16/01/11 18:53 by: Jenny Farris

I used noxzema when I was a teenager and loved it. I am now going through menopause and had bad acne, but since I had tried noxzema again my face is clear. I bought some for my son, who also had the worst acne I had ever seen and his face is almost clear. I couldnt believe it. So good job noxzema!
Posted on 12/04/11 01:26 by: Betty Ward

I have been using Noxzema every day since I was 12 years old I am now 65; I am told all the time how young I look and how blemish free and soft my face is.  I have one problem I am very sensitive to fragrances and now have just about reached the point I am getting unable to use it any more; I'm not happy about this.  I have gotten several people to use it.  Do they or can they make one that is fragrant free?
Posted on 27/05/11 06:07 by: Chantel Mather

I suffer from exzema under my eyes as well as getting wrinkles (I'm 40) which makes finding a cream/cleanser hard.  I decided to go "back to basics" and have started using Noxzema.  Its been about a week and half and already there is a noticable difference.  My patches of exzema have almost gone, and my skin is looking better every morning.  I use it before bed to remove my makeup and clean, then use it mornings as a mosturizer - just let it soak.  I have found that I don't need to use foundation which is also helping my skin improve!  I think this is going to be a long term relationship!
Posted on 15/06/11 04:57 by: Krystal

I have only used this product once, and after using it that night, the next morning my skin already looked completely better!!!! A huge blackhead was barely visible and I just felt soo good! 1,000,000,000,000 times better than pro active and a lot cheaper!!! I can't wait, I am going to use it again tonight!
Posted on 11/07/11 17:26 by: Toria

If you have a bad acne on your cheeks, buy Noxzema! It works very good, I only use it for a week, and I already noticed some of my acne disappear!
Posted on 05/08/11 06:37 by: Maria S. Anzaldo

I am 15 yrs old, I live in NYC, my mom baught me Noxema (original deep cleansing cream) but not for acne, becuase we went to wet'n wild and got bad sunburn. Wen I used it on my face, nothing really, then I stopped using it for a while and I got a lil bad acne. Clean & Clear didn't work, so I gave Noxema another try, I have been using it for a week now, and my pimples look like they are disappearing and my face looks more natural, and I use a lot of make-up! I was really surprised bcuz my mom only paid $3.99 for it at Walgreens!! I was amazed at the price for 12 oz!! :)
Posted on 09/08/11 19:30 by: Lyn

I have used Noxema since I was a teenager and I am now 41 years old. I am often mistaken for being in my late 20's. When anyone asks me what my secret is, I tell them that I use Noxema, along with moisturizing my face every night,  and SPF 15 moisturizer during the day. My skin is soft and and wrinkle free, and I give all the credit to Noxema. My 16 year old daughter used to have really bad acne, and after several expensive face washes with different brands that didn't work, she started using Noxema, and her skin is clear and rarely breaks out. Noxema is the best face wash, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else!
Posted on 21/08/11 05:18 by: E. Jane Smith

The Big Blue Jar is the only thing keeping my menopausal acne at bay. In fact I leave it on during the day as a face cream.
Posted on 06/09/11 19:38 by: Kayteesha Draper

Excuse me girls, if you are looking in stores for Noxema, they are usually found in the makeup sections of your stores, around other facial cleansers. They come in blue jars/bottles and even foams. I am 13 years old and I have been using Noxema since 3 years ago. Ever since, my skin has been great. Although sometimes my skin gets so used to the cream that when there's a day I forget to put on the cream my skin slowly starts to break out again. :O So, every night I use Noxema, I keep it on my face overnight and wash it off in the morning.  I hope this helped!
Posted on 12/09/11 01:53 by: Ali

I'm sixteen and I used this. My face exploded into burning flames and still feels hot since I used it, for the first time (Never Again!) about ten minutes ago. Ugh. Dude.
Posted on 23/03/13 23:00 by: Bev

I have noticed that all of a sudden I am getting blackheads on my nose, I never had acne or blackheads when I was young, I am 76 yrs. old. I have started using Noxema cleansing cream and praying it is going to help. Have to admit, my skin sure feel soft, Will it work for the ugly age spots we seem to get as we age?
Posted on 30/11/13 00:11 by: Sandra

I don't want my pores to feel more open. If they are open they are more prone to dirt & debris. I use dove unscented soap. Use warm water first to open the pores, soap up & clean face, rinse, then once completely rinsed splash with cold water to shut pores again. Moisturizer with cocoa butter lotion after. Sometimes I moisturize twice,depending on the feel of my skin. Works. I have sensitive dry skin. 

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Product Detail

  • Product Name: Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream
  • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble
  • Verdict:

    Pro: non-greasy, excellent moisturizer, doubles as make-up remover, inexpensive

    Con: camphor and menthol can irritate sensitive skin

    Overall: excellent product

  • Rating:rating 4.5/5


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