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Assessing the quality of a beauty salon

Tips for judging your local beauty salon

Author: Madeleine Pokroy September 24 2006

beauty salon reception


They should be presented in the following way:

  • clean, smart, practical clothing with short sleeves and appropriate footwear
  • hair should be tied back if long and neat in appearance
  • make up should be minimal but visible
  • finger nails should be short, manicured and unpolished
  • there should be no perfume scent
  • there should be no food, drink or cigarette odour
  • polite, friendly and professional manner

Reception Area

This should be presented in the following way:

  • inviting, uncluttered and appealing
  • range of salon products displayed professionally
  • clean, but not sterile
  • aromatherapy scent
  • appropriate lighting
  • quiet music
  • water available

Treatment Rooms

This should be presented in the following way:

article continued

  • clean, hygienic and uncluttered
  • aromatherapy scent
  • soft lighting, but with additional lighting available for certain treatments
  • quiet music
  • fresh, clean, unstained towels

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