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The Spring and Summer Styles of Mineral Makeup

Light and candy-inspired colors are in

Author: Jon Roy May 30 2010

woman wearing mineral makeup

Updating your mineral makeup collection isn’t going to break the bank this season. A few great, pigmented shades will get you not only up to date, but practically runway ready.

The shades of spring and summer this year are light, candy-inspired colors. Depending on how daring you feel, you can take those bright pinks, blues, and purples both above and beneath the eye, or keep it above board for work or daytime looks. Mineral makeup is so easy to make dramatic, using just a little dab of water on the application brush to add just a dash of drama for your daytime looks – try the wet look just at the edges of your eyes. Since the inside and outside corners are darker than the inside lid, this gives you a noticeable pop of color without having to commit to the under-the-eye color that may be a problem, for example if you tend to rub underneath your eyes or can’t apply your makeup in a clean enough line to prevent “powder slide”, which is where your color goes from where it should be to about two inches lower on your face.

Mix your palette for added drama

The best part is you don’t have to stick with just one color. This season you can mix your light pinks with your light blues and even add a dash of candied purple for a dramatic accent. No matter how dramatic your look, the light color of the shadows will keep your eyes light and airy. You can wear this look almost anywhere if you keep the shadow only on the top of the eyes.

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Champagne base plus rock-candy color is all you need

Most mineral makeup kits come with a fabulous champagne or light color. This can be the base for your whole look; that’s why you don’t have to worry about getting too much extra makeup. The lustrous shades already in your makeup kit plus one or two light, bright, rock-candy shades will be more than enough to get you through this spring/summer trend looking like a million bucks.

Add drama with mascara

One last, very important detail you don’t want to skip out on is your mascara. With all the amazingly light shades you’ll be wearing on your eyes you will need a very thick, dramatic black mascara to bring out those colors. Thick, dark mascara will make your eyes pop and will bring the whole look together in a cohesive, fabulous package. Once you start wearing the colors and falling in love with the ease of use that comes from fun, bright shades of mineral makeup, you'll be sad when this trend goes the way of all trends, only to be recycled years down the road; keep an eye on changing trends at Face Makeup Reviews.

Enjoy it while you can and have fun with your mineral eye shadow this summer!

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