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Fashion lens and fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2009

Find out what fashion's on the catwalks for you this year

Author: Jennifer Heath February 14 2009

Model on the spring/summer 2009 catwalk

The spring summer catwalks brought us such delights as the silk pyjama suit. Yes, there are those who think that you can spend thousands of pounds on a suit that is ostensibly a pair of pyjamas and not expect people to look at you like the crazy lady who forgot to get dressed this morning.

Fortunately there are some great styles for spring/summer 2009 that will incite envy rather than amusement!

Going for Gold

Surely a color that flies in the face of the credit crunch. Always believe in Gold. Beautifully crinkled at Prada, the creased look is another key trend this summer, so you can skimp on ironing for the next 6 months! Glitteringly adorned gold dresses by Versace and Ralph Lauren’s gold-sequined palazzo pants have been a topic of much debate – where would someone wear such an item?

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Color blocking

This is a trend that is bound to take over the high street. Expect to be bombarded with a color explosion next time you hit the shops. Don’t be distracted and stick to colors that work for you. Orange and yellow are difficult for most of us to pull off, so don’t worry, take advantage of the beautiful shades of blue that are now at your disposal, and the radiant reds and pinks that are sure to brighten up even the grayest day while we survive through February. Feel free to clash, and stick to bright accessories to update your look if you’re not ready for a head-to-toe rainbow.

Grecian Goddess

I defy you to find me a woman who doesn’t look instantly more glamourous and slimmer the moment she puts on a Grecian gown. For straight-up-and-down girls this style gives the illusion of curves, whilst natural curves will be beautifully emphasised. Extremely flattering, the drape of the dress will also skim over those curves you’re not so fond of. Yves Saint Laurent and Marcheesa went for celebrity-pleasing flowing one-shoulder gowns. Sure to be a big hit this summer.

80’s revival

Stonewashed drainpipes, crop tops and shoulder pads. I get the impression that if you have worn this look before you won’t be overly excited by its revival. However for those of us that are young enough to see this trend with fresh eyes it’s got fun written all over it.

The so called Body Con trend of super-tight dresses has been going strong for a few seasons now, but thanks to Mr Hervé Léger’s continuous reinventions of this popular style, we will not be seeing the end of this look anytime soon. Léger's dresses as worn by devoted fans Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham will set you back a few thousand but Lipsy and Topshop and even Principles have got in the act with some great copies.

Shape it up

Geometric prints in bold colors coincided with the 80’s revival sweeping the fashion world. Personally I find these prints work best on accessories; Topshop has a graphically bright handbag that could transform a dull outfit to a fashion statement.

You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the optical print dresses that were seen at Alexander McQueen. It has been slightly difficult to find a good high street copy due to the intricacy of the patterns, but watch this space. Aztec prints are set to be a hit, especially popular with the younger brands such as American Apparel and Topshop, who are focusing on daring print leggings. Polka dots have also been lauded for this spring/summer, but I think we can gather from all this that prints in general are good, so pick your favourite.

The shape trend extended into 3D, that is to say scalloped edges, circles everywhere and sheer pieces of fabric sewn on necklines and waistbands so they hang down and float around you as you move. H&M have some great pieces in suitably soft pastel shades.


The all-in-one has been knocking around for a few seasons now, but this spring/summer it will be inescapable. Think less 80’s catsuit and more grown-up chic. Stick to cottons and silks; black is always flattering but this season’s penchant for neutral shades works really well in silky jumpsuits. See Stella Mcartney and Betty Jackson for inspiration.


Hemlines, apparently indicative of economic trends (not true!), aren’t as clearly defined as they have been in previous years. As of yet it doesn’t appear to be the year of the maxi, the mini or the pencil. Some magazines are heralding the return of the pencil but I fear their lack of direction on the skirt front has misguided them into this statement, at least I hope so - who can walk in those damn pencil skirts?! Never mind how you get out of a taxi at the end of the night…

I’m sure that maxi dresses will make a comeback once the sun comes out but for now take your pick, just make sure that your skirt has volume; peplums and bubble skirts are a great illusionary tool to give you a smaller looking waist and thinner legs. Unfortunately it won’t have the same effect on your bum but you can’t have everything!

About the Author

Jennifer Heath studied at the London College of Fashion and now works at online fashion retailer ASOS.

Jennifer's homepage: Love Getting Dressed blog

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