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The benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

What colonic hydrotherapy is and what it can do for you

Author: Michelle Birch February 14 2009

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The History of Colonics

Enemas have been popular throughout history, dating back to 600 BC. Hippocrates (the father of medicine) used enemas of donkey milk and honey as well as salt and sweet wine with olive oil and soda (4th and 5th century). It was in 1600 AD that Pare offered the first distinction between colonic hydrotherapy (otherwise known as irrigation) and enemas. Since then they have been heralded as a valuable treatment by eminent physicians such as Dr John Kellogg (1800) and Dr Norman Walker (1900).

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic hydrotherapy is a complete cleansing of the colon (large intestine) with filtered water. This cleansing is carried out using modern, safe equipment and a two way circuit scope.

The water pressure is light with no risk of colon perforation. The water is encouraged around the intestine using massage and change of position (thereby employing gravity). The ileocaecal valve prevents water from entering the small intesting and the two way circuit prevents the large intestin from overfilling.

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How is Colonic Hydrotherapy different from an Enema?

Enemas are administered via gravity rather than through a machine, and therefore only tend to reach as far as the sigmoid colon. Herbs can be added to the enema and they can be self-administered at home.

By contrast, Colonics should always be administered by a trained professional and the water is encouraged further round the bowel using massage and water manipulation. Colonics are therefore a much more effective form of therapy, especially as a long term option.

The purpose of Colonic Hydrotherapy

  • To re-educate and re-tone the colon
  • To re-establish more normal shape and form of stool
  • To empty diverticula (pockets in the colon lining that can become infected and very painful)
  • To decrease toxicity from faecal matter staying in the bowel and putrifying
  • To increase energy and well being

Colonic hydrotherapy exercises the muscles in the colon wall enabling them to work more efficiently. Various herbs used during colonic treatment are used to either tone, relax or remove gas.

Why is Colonic Hydrotherapy of benefit to our health?

  • It cleanses, tones and exercises the colon It empties pockets and improves muscle contraction
  • It improves faecal transit time
  • It re-educates the colon helping it return to its more original form
  • It balances the micro-flora ecosystem
  • It increases the absorption of nutrients through the colon wall
  • It decreases the enterotoxins from re-entering the body (leaky gut syndrome)
  • It decreases the risk of colon cancer by regular health maintenance
  • It improves the circulation
  • It is non habit-forming

Reported benefits from a course of colonics

  • Well-being sensation from the elimination of mucus, undigested food fragments, gases, bacterial toxins and biological aging (detoxification process)
  • Lightness sensation following the disappearance of the pressure on the intestine by nearby organs
  • Intestinal peristaltism stimulation, so a very pronounced reduction in chronic constipation
  • Relief of inflammatory states and oedemas (swellings) due to the elimination of irritating substances (toxins)
  • Expulsion of parasites and undesirable guests of the colon
  • Slimming effects due to the colon's reabilising to eliminate as it should. Also, dietary advice is given as part of treatment.
  • Relief of gynaecological troubles such as cystitis, ovaritis, dysmenorrhoea, through the reduction of intestinal prolapse
  • Normalisation of the kidney functions through an elimination of toxic overload Prevention of pathologies related to the intestine including cancer
  • Prevention of degenerative diseases
  • Detoxicating and rejuvenating effect due to the cleansing of toxic substances which cause organic intoxication and biological ageing

Colonics are great for anyone suffering from body odour or dermatitis due to the cleansing of gut toxins. Colonics work really well for people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, lethargy, candida or thrush infections and much much more.

The treatment itself

While the thought of having a colonic is not the most palatable to most, it is worth putting dignity aside in order to reap the amazing benefits. While Colonic Hydrotherapy is not a facial, it is not painful either!

The treatment last between 30 and 40 minutes, and should always be performed by a trained professional. A course of colonics is usually recommended and cost will depend on area but is usually around £65.00 per treatment.

Once the course has been completed then one every 6 months to a year is normally advised. This will obviously depend upon the individual and the health of their bowel and the reason for them having the colonic.

About the Author

Michelle Birch has been a qualified general nurse for the last 10 years and has applies those skills to making people feel cared for, beautiful and appreciated. Michelle Birch Beauty offers a friendly, relaxed and professional environment using products of the highest quality. Treatments range from spray tans, facials and waxing to aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage and hot stone massage, and wonderful pamper treatments including her beautiful chocolate indulgence range. Michelle Birch Beauty also offers botox and dermal fillers with local GP Dr. Fayyaz Shariff.

Michelle's homepage: Michelle Birch Beauty

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Posted on 23/02/09 13:22 by: Kenneth G Green

Is there any peer-reviewed evidence for the claims made about the benefits of colonic irrigation e.g. that it decreases the risk of colon cancer by regular health maintenance?
Posted on 25/02/09 20:13 by: Michelle Birch

There are, in truth, no actual trials regarding colonic hydrotherapy. This is mainly because these tend to be very expensive and so on. However, there are studies which have been carried out which provide evidence of client satisfaction and reported health benefits:

A Recent Thorough Scientific Literature Review by the Meridian Institute (found at

Colonic Hydrotherapy Survey, conducted by Peter McDonald MS MBBS FRCS, consultant at Northwick Park and St Mark's and Senior Lecturer Imperial College London.

Clients report health benefits that they have often found more effective than conventional medicine. With regards to helping in the prevention of diseases such as cancer, colonics help keep the bowel clean, preventing 'bad' bacteria colonisation, inflammation states and therefore preventing long term damage to the cells making up the gut wall. Many of these are contributory factors in colon cancer.

I hope this helps. I think that, as colonics take more of an important role then actual medical trials will be the way to go but at the moment it is mainly reported only.


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