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Versatile beauty products for the multi-tasking modern woman

A selection of two- and three-in-one beauty products

Author: Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith November 15 2007

NARS The Multiple

Multi-tasking is part of women’s natural genetic make-up. We were born with the ability to speak on the phone and write a shopping list whilst loading the dishwasher and painting our toenails. So it’s no wonder that there are so many beauty products out on the shelves that have been designed to be used in a million different ways and in thousands of different places!

Here’s a selection:

Johnson’s Baby Lotion, £2.05 [0845 602 0333]

Designed for babies but is perfect for everyone. It can be used as a general moisturiser or as a base for make-up and is gentle enough to be used as eye make-up remover.

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Liz Earle Superbalm, £13.50 [01983 813 913]

I could not live without this product. It contains every healing ingredient that can possible imagine. Use it to moisturise dry skin and lips, to heal scars, to tame frizzy hair or as a nail treatment.

Nars The Multiple, £27 [020 7727 8063]

A staple for any make-up bag, The multiple can be used all over the skin to give a luminous glow, as a lip tint or as a highlighter. It comes in various shades but I have found that Maldives suits most skin tones.

Egyptian Magic, £25.50 []

Apparently Madonna keeps a tub of this handy at all times. It is made from completely natural and organic products and is great for drying up spots, relieving sunburn and for use during shaving. It can also be used on insect bites, so is a must-have holiday product.

Lancaster Carrousel Compact Powder, £29 [0800 376 0688]

A beautiful bronzer that can either be used with a large blusher brush to encompass all the colours, or you can use a smaller brush to pick out an individual colour as an eyeshadow. You can even add a little Vaseline to your favourite colour and transform it into a lip-gloss.

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder, £15 []

These little sprays are hair miracles. When they are sprayed into the roots, not only do they create extra volume but they absorb grease and leave your hair looking clean. They are perfect for any gym bunnies who don’t want to wash their hair after a workout.

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Posted on 20/03/08 21:02 by: Charlie Kuchinsky

Sounds like amazing products. I've got to try some of these. It seems the older my hair gets, the more fragile and flat it is.

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