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Review: Oil of Olay Touch of Sun Body Lotion

A moisturizer and sunless tanner combined

Author: Chrissie K June 20 2007

Oil of Olay Touch of Sun Body Lotion

Well with the latest craze in sunless tanners, it seems like just about everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. You can get sunless tanners in sprays, airbrushes, towellettes, gels, creams, and now in moisturizers. And given that moisturizing is always a great idea when you are using sunless tanners, it comes as no surprise that Oil of Olay would come out with a two-in-one product.

It is called Oil of Olay Touch of Sun Body Lotion - Normal in the US (in the UK it is called Olay Everyday Sunshine Body Moisturizer), and it comes with an SPF of 15. The purpose of the product is to work primarily as a moisturizer, with a hint of sunless tanner so that you also get the benefit of a “subtle sun-kissed glow” in conjunction with your moisturizer.

The product is designed for light to medium skin tones, and claims that it “will subtly enhance your skin’s tone and color as you deeply moisturize…it is a non-greasy body lotion providing a burst of moisture lasting 24 hours, and will provide additional color without streaks or orange coloring… to bring out your natural radiance.”

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This Oil of Olay Touch of Sun Body Lotion is used like any other moisturizer. It comes in a bottle with a flip-top cap, and you can either pour the lotion into your hand or onto the desired body part. Blend in until it is fully absorbed, and you are finished. This is primarily a moisturizer, so it will absorb very easily if you put a normal amount on. You do not have to wait for it to dry, as it will absorb directly into your skin.

I found the Touch of Sun Body Lotion to have a light scent that goes away as soon as it is applied, and that Oil of Olay were quite right to say it is very light to apply, and non-greasy. In fact I found it to be an excellent moisturizer, and would recommend it as such.

As a sunless tanner I was less impressed. The Touch of Sun Body Lotion claims to work over a course of a few days, but even after this time I did not find a significant change in my skin tone, which left me a little disappointed. However my skin tone is definitely more on the medium side, rather than the “light to medium” on the packaging, so this may be the cause. And I would not say I saw NO result, but rather just a very light effect, after about a week of use.

I also use Oil of Olay’s facial moisturizer containing sunless tanner, the Touch of Sun Daily UV Facial Moisturizer, and had such great results that I was hoping for the same effect on the rest of my body with this product. I did not, but would still recommend the Olay Touch of Sun Body Lotion/Olay Everyday Sunshine Body Moisturizer to those who want a very good moisturizer with just a limited tanning effect.


Posted on 22/06/07 00:09 by: Charlie Kuchinsky

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. Excellent product review!
Posted on 30/10/07 21:36 by: N

I bought the one for dark skin since I had already used a fake tan and it went just as good as any other fake tan (i use clarins) and two applications.
Posted on 25/05/09 11:24 by: Cookie

I started using this product a week ago every day as an all-over moisturizer, including on my face, and have seen a noticeable difference on my face than on the rest of my body. The color is not streaky or orangey, but a very nice subtle tanned color. It's also a good moisturizer - with extremely dry skin, this product really minimizes the wrinkles on my face especially around the eyes. I definitely recommend this product to everyone.
Posted on 23/02/10 18:16 by: Banae Perfect

There truly is no other product in the stores like this one but I am very disappointed that I cannot find it anywhere anymore! I now see it on Oil of Olay's site and the cost is double?? Dear Manufacturer, can you help my dilemma?
Posted on 15/05/10 20:59 by: Karen Glanville

Please can you let me know where I can buy Oil of Olay Touch of Sun Body Lotion? I used to be able to get this in Boots and Wilkinsons but they don't seem to sell this any more.
Posted on 03/06/10 17:37 by: Barbara La Lone

I have tried Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS and have not been able to buy this product this year. Will you please tell me where I can locate it? I have used it for a couple of years and it is my favorite. I use the one for dark skin.
Posted on 14/06/10 20:15 by: Debbi

I cannot find this product anywhere, a friend shared it with me after purchasing it at Publix but they no longer have it.  It works better than any other I have tried, and I am extremely light.  Please tell me how I can order!
Posted on 22/01/11 03:14 by: harvey love

I have used this product for about 2yrs. I am unable to find it in Walmart or Walgreens. Where do I find it?
Posted on 08/03/11 15:28 by: Wanda Payne-Erickson

I love this product and I too cannot find it any more... please help!
Posted on 18/03/11 14:44 by: Nicole

For all those who are trying to find this product, I just bought it yesterday at Sobeys. Good luck! This product smells sooooo good, and leaves my skin so soft. It brings out a beautiful glow that looks amazing in sunlight.
Posted on 03/05/11 12:11 by: Julia

I have used this product all year long since it came out. Cannot find it anywhere. Best sunless product for self tanning! Where can I FIND it??
Posted on 03/05/11 13:39 by: Renee Kelley

I cannot find this anywhere. It is the best self tanning product I have ever used, it gives me the creamiest, prettiest tan, it does not streak or stink! I have looked literally everywhere. Can you help me? I am located in Southern Alabama.
Posted on 12/05/11 11:42 by: Sharon

Love this product very much! I have not be able to find it in the stores here in Kentucky, but have no fear go to I ordered it there, you have to buy a 3 pack, cost with shipping was around $30.00.
Posted on 12/05/11 12:29 by: Sharon

Check out it also has the product. Maybe a little bit cheaper too.
Posted on 03/07/11 23:53 by: Marge Dumortier

I absolutely love this lotion. Cannot buy it anywhere.  Where can I get it?
Posted on 23/10/11 11:02 by: stephanie

I get mine from Ebay and it is a really good price :-)

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Product Detail

  • Product Name: Oil of Olay Touch of Sun Body Lotion
  • Price: $15.99
  • Manufacturer: Oil of Olay
  • Specifications:

    6.7 fl.oz. or 200 ml bottle

  • Verdict:

    Pro: an excellent moisturizer

    Con: the "sun-kissed glow" tanning effect was too subtle

    Overall: good for lighter skin tones or for people who don't want a strong tanning color

  • Rating:rating 3.5/5


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