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Bio-energiser Aqua Detox treatment

How you can relax as you detox with a salon foot spa treatment

Author: Angela Squires June 10 2007

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Detoxing has become a big topic in the world of health and wellness. But what exactly is it, and why is it important? This article will look into the science and benefits of detoxing in general, and in particular at the increasingly popular Bio-energiser Aqua Detox footspa treatment.

What is detoxing?

Detoxing is a chemical process that happens naturally in our bodies at the cellular level. During the day sodium and calcium enter our cells, creating an acidic environment. At night potassium and magnesium enter the cells, recreating an alkali balance for the start of the new day. This cycle is the day/night cleanse or detox, and maintaining it is crucial to good health.

Many aspects of the modern lifestyle unfortunately disrupt this detox process. For example excess cholesterol can coat cell membranes and impede the chemical exchange. Dehydration can have a similar effect, and one of the causes of dehydration is stress – and there is no shortage of stress in the modern lifestyle.

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The increased level of toxins in the air we breathe and the food we eat, and the increasing acidity of that food, is also making it harder for the detox cycle to do its job. The result of all this is a body that is under more strain, and more liable to break down and become diseased.

Our skin is the body’s first port of call for eliminating toxins, which is why it becomes ‘sensitive’ or ‘breaks out’, and we glumly see it becoming dull, lifeless and spotty, with dark circles under the eyes. All these things are the sign of a toxic system.

Apart from skin problems many other common medical complaints such as menstrual pain, arthritis, insomnia, headaches, chronic fatigue, cellulite or sinus problems can benefit from assisting the body’s own detox process.

Helping the body detox

Taking nutritional supplements such as milk thistle may help, but such methods only attempt to treat a single part of a balanced system, so more holistic methods are needed too. Other dietary approaches call for large change in the our diet, an approach that men especially can find hard to keep up, as these changes my involve expensive shopping trips for wheatgrass and other ‘exotic’ juices.

Another way to help the detox process is to receive treatments such as massage, which help create movements in the fluids of the body and can assist in removing toxins from cells.Anything that keeps the skin clear can be beneficial, such as exfoliating, skin brushing, and steam rooms is also beneficial.

And now there is an increasingly popular salon treatment known as ‘Bio-energiser Aqua Detox’.

Bio-energiser Aqua Detox treatments

The Bio-energy Detox Spa was invented by Dr Mark Draper, who trained and practised at Guys Hospital in London, going on to specialise in nutrition and complementary medicine.

Dr Draper noticed how the body expels toxins through the skin, especially the palms of the hands and soles of the feet (which have approximately 2000 pores designed for that very purpose), and this observation became the basis for the Bio-energiser Aqua Detox treatment.

Aqua Detox is performed by placing your feet into a specially-designed salt water detox footspa which contains an electrical device that passes bio-energetic electrical energy around your whole body.

Over the course of a half-hour treatment this energy gently resonates to every cell as the blood does a complete circuit of the body, helping the cells to offload toxins and take up fresh oxygen, nutrition and hydration.

The toxins are carried out, via blood and lymph, through the skin, in particular through the pores of the soles of the feet, and are sucked into the bowl of the Aqua Detox foot spa.

The effect can be clearly seen as the toxins mix with the saline and change its color, the salt water turning anything from a weak tea colour to a green so dark it is nearly black. Smokers often notice a strong smell too. Typically, the more disgusting the colour, the more horrified women are, and the more pleased men tend to be.

The effect of Bio-energiser Aqua Detox

After detoxing, people often report that their symptoms have improved as the toxic load that caused them is removed. Energy levels go up and people feel revitalised.

Dr Draper is currently involved in trials assessing the benefits of this system for people with a variety of different conditions. Healthcare professionals are learning more about its benefits in cases of skin conditions such as psoriasis, circulation problems including lymphodoedema, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

And there is an additional reason for the increasing popularity of Bio-energiser Aqua Detox as a detox method. Sadly, we are a nation, if not world, of quick fixers and are often not prepared or able to take the time out of our busy lifestyles to cleanse ourselves.

The big advantage for many people of Bio-energiser Aqua Detox is that it is a simple salon treatment that offers the benefits of detoxing for those – often men – who find making wholesale lifestyle changes difficult but still want to cleanse their bodies and feel better and healthier. So Aqua Detox is not just effective, but compared to many other detox treatments it is very simple and easy, and so ideally suited to many people.

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About the Author

Angela spent 20 years working in the City of London before turning her energies to complementary therapies. She now offers a range of treatments at various salons in London, including massage and detoxing, health testing, and has a keen interest in nutrition as the basis of good health. She is also an active sportswoman and an ex-body builder.

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Posted on 04/08/09 22:15 by: Jaqui Maler

The Bio Energiser was not invented by Dr Mark Draper. It was originally invented by Dr Ciaff Neuro consultant in 1996. It was originally for Hypohydrosis patients.

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