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Improve your confidence with a smile makeover

Options for a stunning smile

Author: Micheala Connolly July 15 2012

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The confidence drainer

So you want to get that new job, new promotion or new significant other - but your smile is a mess, and it's hard to feel any confidence at all. Your teeth are damaged, broken, discoloured, perhaps some are missing - it's a real confidence drainer. Or you might see that soulmate of yours in the coffee shop and you want the confidence to go up and talk to him, but you don't trust your own smile - let's face it, you need a smile makeover!

Here's the good news: treatments are available for you to get that makeover and walk around with head held high, better than spending another night home with the cats. Yes, we know you love your cats but nothing beats being able to say "I landed that job" or "He likes me!"

What kind of treatments?


Smile makeovers sound like a stretch, but they do work. The first thing you can do is visit a cosmetic dentist and talk about whitening options. Many times, a dentist can take a tooth that looks unattractive because of its colour and turn it bright pearly white in a matter of a couple of hours. Teeth cleanings are actually recommended on a semi-annual basis, but even if you haven't been to the dentist in 10 years, anyone can benefit from a teeth whitening providing you've kept up with good oral hygiene.

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Fifty years ago, if you had a missing tooth, the only thing you could do is receive partials or dentures and fill up the holes. Now there's another option - dental implants. What are they? Have you ever wanted to grow a third set of teeth when the second ones fall out, replacing missing or knocked out teeth? That's what a dental implant is; a permanent implant that is used and works exactly like a regular tooth. Implants used to be extremely expensive but as technology advanced, the prices of implants are getting cheaper.


General Orthodontics can help in any case. Everyone hated it when you were a teenager and you had the braces on and even though it was cool to make sparks with your fork, you knew that it was demoralizing, but you also knew that it was going to straighten out your teeth. No one is born with perfect teeth and if you need orthodontic work, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Misaligned, crowded or teeth with gaps in them can be changed, sometimes in less than a day.

Will it work?

Any of a hundred things can affect your confidence, from your upbringing, to self-perception. Sometimes, in order to love others, you must first love yourself. Why get a smile makeover? If your smile is holding you back, then you probably aren't living your life to the fullest. Imagine how you'll feel when you walk around and can flash a million dollar smile like the big named celebrities at a fraction of the cost they spend.

Is it worth it?

Teeth cleaning or fixing isn't a cure-all for your problems, but it's a step in the right direction. Confidence can be gained in just as many ways as it's lost. If your teeth are yellow, cracked, broken or missing, you probably don't feel as confident as you could be. Every bit helps.

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Michaela specialises in writing articles regarding the topic of dental health, with a particular focus on smile makeover treatments and their impact on confidence.

Micheala's homepage: Liverpool Implant & Aesthetic Dental Spa

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