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Flat iron tips for a great hairstyle

Get the Taylor Swift look in three simple steps

Author: Jenny Decki May 1 2010

Taylor Swift Elle cover

As seen on the Taylor Swift Elle cover this April, your flat iron is not being retired even if there is an eighties trend happening right now. No matter how many people are running out to buy a crimping iron or three-barrel curling iron to get the retro look, there is always room for more than one retro style in the mix. With long hair and chunky bangs, Taylor looked both retro and modern in her Elle spread.

We're here to tell you that this look can be yours with a flat iron, some styling, and very little effort. Just follow these steps to get your locks in check and your look in style.

Step 1 - Do you have enough hair?

This look works best with long hair, but even if your hair is short you can still achieve style nirvana if you make sure to volumize. If your hair is a little sparse, you may want to consider some clip-in extensions or thickeners in order to give you enough to work with. Don't feel weird about using extensions, no one on television would have that thick, amazing hair (with a few exceptions) if they didn't have stylists and extensions. They aren't just for America's Next Top Model contestants who want to have hair they can sit on. Even Kathy Griffin uses extensions to give her thin hair extra volume and thickness.

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Step 2 - Get it clean and add product

For this style you can use mousse, a light gel, or a pomade. Distribute evenly after washing hair. For this style you may want to consider blow-drying with your hair upside down to maximize volume. You can always take it down a notch or seven with the flat iron in the next step if you need to.

Step 3 - Use your flat iron

If you have thick hair, don't do whole chunks at once. Make a ponytail at the crown of your head to get it out of the way and start with the underside of your hair. Work from root to tip, using the flat iron a little longer at the scalp to get a little extra volume if you need it, or make quick work of the scalp area if you have more than enough volume from blow-drying. Don't brush it out or even finger comb your hair when you're done with a section. Just keep working until your under-layer and top layer of hair are all done and looking chunky and flat. Do a little shake from the scalp to break up the layers but it should still look a little choppy when you're done. Chunky long hair and chunky separated bangs are a great way to tell the world that you're sexy...but not trying too hard to achieve the look.

About the Author

Jenny Decki is a professional freelance writer with Hair Products Pro a leading online retailed of Flat Irons.

Jenny's homepage: Hair Products Pro

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